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Introduction And Welcome Episode

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Welcome to the Podcast Answer Man podcast! This podcast is for those who know little to nothing about podcasting but would love to start a podcast if they only knew how. This show can help you start a show no matter what your budget is. This podcast is for those who have already started to look into starting a show or perhaps have already done a few episodes. I hope this podcast will motivate you to try some new techniques or products that can improve your own show or grow the number of listeners who interact with your show. Finally, this show is also for those who are podcast professionals or who are more seasoned podcasters. It is my hope that these folks will help me in answering the questions that come in.

Basically, I hope this show will begin to inspire a community of podcasters who will share hints, tips, and tricks that will help all of us improve all our podcasts.

If you would like to talk to me about setting up one on one podcast consulting, email me at [email protected]. If you have a question you would like me to address on the show, call in your question to 859-795-4067.

In this episode, we answer Edith's question about what I would suggest for two co-hosts who live more than 200 miles apart as far as for recording their show. My suggestion is to use Skype to facilitate the conversation while each records their own voice locally. Then one person will obtain the other person's audio track to sync them together in audio editing software so that you have full audio quality on both ends.

I shared Leo Leporte's explanation of what he uses for a telephone interface in his podcasts. I also shared that I have made my own home brew telephone interface for a short term fix.

Are you a long time listener of GSPN? Did you notice the new sound of my voice in this podcast? What has changed? It is the new Heil PR-40 that I just purchased.

I was so excited to talk with Leo Leporte the other day and also to be interviewed along with him and a few other podcasters by Podcaster User Magazine. We were interviewed regarding our experience with TalkShoe. Look for the article to come out in issue #12 tat will be issued around the first of January, 2007.

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