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In this episode, I discussed how The Podacast Answer Man will now be a part of my personal/professional blog at Also, I explained that I am going to official end the NetJunk and Pursuing Your Passion podcasts and move the content from those shows into the Podcast Answer Man show. This is an an effort to streamline my efforts in podcasting. More about this in the episode.

T.J. called in with a question about how I play my audio clips right into the show as we record. I use a program called Pod Producer which you can get for FREE at

Chris Oatley called in and asked about video podcasting. I do plan on doing more video podcasting and I will certainly be doing many episode devoted to the topic. In this episode, I do share some important tips as far as shopping for a camera. Make sure any camera you buy has an AUDIO INPUT JACK! This is extremely important. I also shared that a good place to host your video files is Libsyn at I also mentioned Podango, but asked anyone who was considering the use of Podango to hold off just another few days until they here our big announcement in the State of the Community address that I'll be releasing this week.

Jon from wrote a question in our forum. He wanted to know why his artwork and description would not update in iTunes even though he had updated this information on his libsyn account. The problem is that Jon is using Feedburner. This is where iTunes is looking for the feed data. I explained that Jon needs to sign into his feedburner account, go to the “Optimize” Tab in the settings panel and then click on the “Smartfeed” option. It is here that he should change his podcast artwork, description, and keywords.

Call in your comments and questions to our Listener Feedback Line at 859-795-4067 and we'll try to play your call in our next show.

If you are interested in talking with me about my podcast consulting services, you can reach me by email at [email protected] or you can use the contact page at

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