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In this episode, I share a bit of an update while outside the studio. There are going to be quite a few field recordings coming up from my trip to Podcamp NYC. Also, I share that I've been planning a lot of “meet ups” with those who listen to our podcasts. I encourage you to set up some meetups with people who listen to your show.

I also share my thoughts after giving my first ever Podcasting Webinar. I'm already excited to do my second Podcasting 101 webinar this coming Tuesday, April 29th.

Future Webinar Topics Include:
Improving Your Audio – Recording & Editing Techniques
Producing A Live Show!
Multi-Location Co-Hosting & Interviews
Basic Video Podcasting Using The Mac!
Working With ID3 Tags
FeedBurner & Feed Options
Web Technology Hints & Tips – Twitter, Skype, Facebook, Online Forums, EventBrite
Wordpress Basics for Podcasting
Podcast Equipment Workshop – What Equipment Is Right For Me?


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