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I'm excited to finally be able to tell you that I'm going to CES 2009 as a guest of Panasonic. Stay tuned to as this is where I will be posting all my official coverage.

I wanted to share this announcement with you in a video episode of Podcast Answer Man so that I could play around with different methods of posting video content that I'll be getting while I'm in at the conference. To bring this episode to you, I held a simple point and shoot camera in my right hand as I walked down the street filming myself. I loaded the video into a program called ScreenFlow. I exported the video as a .m4v for use in my rss feed for download. I then exported the video into a Quicktime .mov file which I then uploaded to Facebook, YouTube, and

I actually need your help. Can you tell me which embedded player do you think looks better? Is there a difference in your opinion?

This version is from

This version is from FaceBook! (I didn't know they allowed you to embed video. Till Now!)

Right Click Here To Download

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