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This weekend, I learned of some very shocking and extremely sad news regarding Podango. On Friday, December 26th, the president of Podango, Douglas G. Smith, published an entry on the Podango company blog. In the post, Doug writes, “Our ability to continue operations past the end of this year (2008) is in question. We do not want any of you, or any of your shows to be negatively affected by this uncertainty and so we are encouraging you to begin taking all necessary steps to secure your data or begin moving to another hosting provider.” … “As of today, the last day to move or secure your data is December 31st.”

In case you don't have a calendar in front of you, that's less than five full days from the date of the notice till the time that it is “possible” that Podango content producers will no longer have access to any of the content they've uploaded to the Podango servers and any and all rss feeds hosted by Podango cease to exist.

You may remember that I was considering a two year contract with Podango for the entire network. In this audio episode of the Podcast Answer Man, I share the story of why I chose not to sign with Podango at the very last minute.

Also in the episode, I talk with Todd Cochrane from and I brought Todd online because he has a hosting company that is a one of a few hosting options for these Podango content producers who are looking for a new home.

I know that many of you in the and are personally affected by this news. My heart goes out to you! I can't imagine that you saw yourself spending your holiday break working on a podcast show transition such as this.

One last thing mentioned in this episode was Michael W. Geoghegan's blog entry asserting that this is further proof that “podcasting is dead.” Michael, I love and respect you man… I certainly agree that podcasting didn't turn out to be what so many folks in the old days thought it would become. However, it's far from dead. In a way.. Actually, in a BIG WAY, I'm glad it didn't turn out the way everyone had thought it would. I'm totally digging the path that podcasting has taken me down!

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