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Stephanie and I started podcasting back in December of 2005. Since then we have launched nearly thirty unique podcasts. As of today, we still have more than 18 shows that remain in production at The numbers I'm about to share with you do not include any episodes that I produce for any of my consulting clients or for Watermark Community Church. I have also excluded blog and video blog entries where either an audio or video media file was not delivered via a syndication feed.

As we are quickly approaching our third anniversary of podcasting, I was searching through our podcast archives today, to see if I could coordinate our 1,000th podcast episode to coincide with our 3rd Podcast Anniversary on December 16th. Imagine my shock when I browsed through all the archives only to recognize that the very next podcast episode that we will produce will be our 1,000th podcast episode that we have officially released.

I'm not kidding when I say this rocked my world. I've intentionally put off my morning recording of My Crazy Life and the Almost Daily Devotional as I'm considering waiting for Stephanie to join me for this milestone in our podcasting efforts. Since I was looking at some of the archived data, I looked at some other interesting facts. In just under three years, we have served more than THREE MILLION file downloads. Given that the over all average length of our episodes is approximately 45 minutes per episode, that works out to be approximately 750 hours worth of content produced.

I can't decide if this constitutes as me “tooting our own horn” or not. I simply found this information to be quite astonishing and I simply had to share it with someone. Look for a special episode of My Crazy Life to be recorded some time today or this evening for release tomorrow.

Seriously, I had no idea that it was this much.

UPDATE: Click Here To Listen To Our 1,000th Show!

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