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Podcast Answer Man Episode 128
Extending Your Brand With Twitter

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In this episode. I mentioned that I was recently interviewed by my friend Ray on his Podcaster's Studio Podcast.

I share a personal story of the power of Twitter in extending your brand.

I also answered a question from Jerilyn who wrote…. “I know you don't edit your shows anymore to save time, but my question is when working with a partner, co-host or guest speaker and you, as the producer, think their conversation is a bit dull, or kinda blah, or not very dynamic/funny -do you just go with it, try to re-direct the conversation somehow – or just wait until the recording is over and then maybe not release it? I know with Stephanie you don't have that problem, but am wondering if it ever has come up – or what you do when you feel a podcast isn't quite 100% what you want. I'd love to hear your thoughts – thanks!

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