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I am very glad to get back to answering your questions in this episode of Podcast Answer Man. The following items are the topics that I cover in this week's episode.

I start things off by answering two questions from Chef Tony. First off, he wanted to know my thoughts on whether or not podcast episodes should have a category of their own or if he should just include them in his normal blog posting process and send the entire feed to iTunes.

Next up, Tony asked if I recommended a third party hosting service for uploading the audio files to your web-server where your WordPress is hosted. In my answer to this question, I highly recommended that folks read my post at

Andrew McGivern called in to tell me how he is using the RSS Graffiti Facebook Application on his Bunker Project Page. I mention that I am using the application now. However, I'm having issues with the play button working. I believe it may have to do with an issue with the media enclosures on my site showing up as .txt instead of audio files. Anyone else having such issues with media enclosures?

John Wilkerson called in to ask me why I don't have my websites optimized for mobile browsing. If I didn't know him better, I would have been offended by the description of as a horribly non-navigable site. I had been using the WP Touch plugin for the longest time. However, I got to the point were I felt that mobile browsers did a better job of displaying my own branding and actually find the site to be better navigated and fuller featured without the WPTouch Mobile Theme. I invite your feedback in the comments on this topic.

An unnamed caller called in to ask how I was able to pull off the category headers found on the various categories at like the ones found at and I explained that this was a feature found in the category setting that I had never noticed until Thesis 1.8 came out and I have confirmed that it is not available in Thesis 1.6. It looks like PAM is going to get a theme upgrade before long.

If you are interested in my review of Podcamp Boston 5, I encourage you to check out the two blog posts I did at & I also recorded an amazing Sound Seeing Tour of the city of Boston that you can listen to on Pursuing A Balanced Life episode 481.

Finally, I shared that I've been shocked that more people have not already signed up for the Passive Income Strategy For Podcasters webinar that I am doing with Pat Flynn. Folks, I get excited by a lot of things that I offer as products and services to you guys. However, this is a special opportunity. I already know for a fact that I am personally going to profit greatly from the insights that I know that Pat Flynn is going to share. I personally can't wait for my own benefit. Seriously, I'm going to try to find a way to better communicate potential of what this webinar has to offer. I know that if people knew what I am thinking in my head about this, the session would be sold out. I'm baffled that I've not done a very good job of selling the session. It's not like me. Folks, in spite of me, I promise, if you have a podcast and have an audience and have any desire to monetize your efforts, you SHOULD REGISTER TODAY! (Note: If you sign up for the mailing list, you will get a discount code for $50 off)

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PODCAST CONSULTING: I'm available for one on one podcast consulting and coaching. Whether you want someone to get everything set up for you or you just need a little help along the way, I'd love to work with you. I'm able to demonstrate using screen sharing technology during our call which makes it just like I was there sitting next to you at the computer. If you are interested, email me at [email protected] or call me at 859-757-1399.

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