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Why I Prefer Audio Over Video Podcasts
Now many of you know that I prefer audio podcasts over video podcasts. However, occasionally, I know of a video podcasters that just “crushes it” with a video podcast. In the episode, I mentioned how Carrie Wilkerson is knocking it out of the park with her Barefoot Executive Video Podcast.

I mentioned my How To Subscribe To A Podcast In iTunes Video.

Vince called in to ask why I prefer audio over video podcasts. I share just a few of my thoughts on this topic:

  • A report done in 2008 by the US Departement of Transportation showed that 128.3 Million people commute to work in the United States.
  • That same report showed that 97 Million of those commuters are driving to work ALONE IN THEIR CAR.
  • The report also showed that the average commute to and from work was 26.4 minutes.
  • Consider the people who work out at the gym or who walk, jog, or run daily
  • What do people do while they are at work all day? Many have jobs that allow them to listen to audio.
  • Audio is more intimate and personal. Feels like the host is speaking to me.
  • Video seems to beg for my attention.
  • I don't buy the idea of just listening to the audio of a video podcast.

    Fr. Roderick's Tweet This Morning:
    The Mac is such a *lousy* environment for podcast recording! I tried hard, but I'm switching back to the PC. My patience has run out.

    I share my thoughts on the statement above.

    WP Touch Update Theme Plugin Update
    Wayne called in his thoughts and I share some comments from last week's show notes post regarding feedback for the WP Touch Mobile Theme Plugin.

    What Plugins Am I Using Today?
    Akismet – Built Into WordPress For Spam Protection (Need WordPress API Key)
    WP Audio Player – Not Needed With PowerPress, but I explain my reasoning in the episode
    Blubrry PowerPress – Only using for Media File Enclosures
    Disqus Comment System – Though I am having an issue on one of my sites
    Google Analyticator – For Google Analytics
    Lightbox 2 – For Great image presentation on my site
    Pretty Link – For easy urls to point people to other places on the web.
    Thesis OpenHook – For advanced customization of my Thesis Theme.
    WordPress Database Backup – Though I think I'm having issues with this plugin
    WPtouch – As mentioned earlier in this episode

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    There are only eight seven six spots left open for the Passive Income Strategy For Podcasters Webinar. In the episode, I make my case as to why you should attend this session.

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