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iTunes Ratings/Rankings Blog Post
In this episode, I talked shared about a recent blog post that I wrote about iTunes Ranking. In the post, I shared how I was able to get a new podcast to rank higher than Oprah’s Book Club podcast in the literature category after having the podcast in the directory for only two weeks.

I talked about how creating the following video invitation to my BlogWorld & New Media Expo session gained me the attention of the CEO and Co-Founder of the conference, Rick Calvert. I was so excited to learn that learn that he wants to include it as an example of how to promote your BlogWorld sessions in the official BlogWorld & New Media Expo newsletter.

Here’s the video invitation:

In the video above, I used my new wireless mic system and lighting kit that I recently blogged about.

Professional Audio Promo Production
I also mentioned my friend Rick Tarrant who I turn to to create professional sounding promo materials fro myself and my clients. You can find Rick at

How Do I Know If My Show Is In The Blackberry Podcast Directory?
Steve asked if there is a way to actually confirm whether or not your podcast is listed in the Blackberry podcast directory. I originally talked about this topic in Podcast Answer Man Episode 173. I shared that you could try and find someone who has a Blackberry device and ask them to look or you could go to and log in with the email address and password that you created. If your show is listed there, you “should be” in their directory.

What Settings Should I Change For Good Levels On The Edirol?
Dave called to as if it matters which method of amplification he uses to get his Edirol to hit between -12 to -6 for his recording levels. I shared that there are various ways that you can get to this leve. Personally, my own settings change for time to time, though my Edirol is current set on audio input level 80 and my Gain is between 12 and 1 o’clock. With that said, Dave’s audio is awesome and I really wouldn’t recommend much of a change if it’s working for for him.

Next Podcasting A to Z Session Happening In July!
I shared that I am doing the Podcasting A to Z course again in July. The course will begin on Monday, July 11th and run for a full five weeks. Please check out for more information about the course.

Want To Earn Some Cash?
If you want to become an affiliate for this course, please email me at [email protected]. You can earn $150 for each referral that you send to the course.

No More Free Adobe Audition For Mac Users!
The Adobe Audition Pre-Release Has Ended. I found out this morning, just before I recorded the show, as I needed to edit some audio clips to play in my shows this week. After some investigation and a chat session with an Adobe sales representative, I found out that I could not upgrade to Mac without shutting off access to my previous PC version.

So I went ahead and purchased a new full version license for $349 using my affiliate link and had the software downloaded and installed in five to ten minutes.

The best part is that with my single license I am able to install the software on two machines. So I installed the new Mac version on both my 27” iMac and also on my 11” MacBook Air. It works great! The only thing is that I am not able to use the software on both systems simultaneously. I just love that I have Adobe Audtion now available on my work desktop and on my laptop for when I’m on the go.

Interview With Darrell Darnell
The second half of this episode contains an interview that I did with my good friend Darrel Darnell. Darrel hosts a very successful podcast devoted to the television show, Fringe. You can find his show at I wanted to have Darrell on the show to show that other folks are out there and building an online community around shared passions. Darrell just launched another podcast called Cutting The Cable. You can find this new show at

In the episode, we talked about how valuable it is to play voice feedback in your show, to understand that your show likely has an audience of experts, and when to start an online, community forum.

I’m sure that if you listen to this interview, you’ll find a lot of other valuable insights that you can immediately apply to what you are doing in your journey of podcasting and new media.

I think that the Podcast Answer Man community would do well to keep their eyes on what Darrel is up to in this space as he’s doing a lot of things right! I mostly follow what Darrel’s doing through his Twitter profile. You can follow Darrell at

PODCAST CONSULTING: I'm available for one on one podcast consulting and coaching. Whether you want someone to get everything set up for you or you just need a little help along the way, I'd love to work with you. I'm able to demonstrate using screen sharing technology during our call which makes it just like I was there sitting next to you at the computer. If you are interested, email me at [email protected] or call me at 859-757-1399.

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