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In this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I am delighted to bring you an interview with Christian Dawson, COO of ServInt Hosting.

I have a blog post about my thoughts on hosting for podcasters at I must admit that shared hosting served me well for several years. However, back when I was with GoDaddy, when I did occasionally run into an issue, dealing with support was simply a nightmare. If you think I might possibly be exaggerating, please feel free to read the blog post found at

I have been an extremely satisfied since February of 2011. Since moving to ServInt, I've not once had a database error and on the one single occasion where my site took about 90 seconds to load, the support department immediately offered to move me to another server with little to zero downtime on my site. Not only that, they offered to schedule such a move for any time that might be more convenient to me. I share the full support ticket transcript in this episode for that call.

I do have an affiliate relationship with ServInt Hosting, and if you were to click on my affiliate link before signing up for their services, I do benefit from that. However, this episode is NOT an infomercial for their services. The purpose of this interview is to help you understand what a shared hosting account is, what a VPS (VIrtual Private Server) hosting account is, and what a Dedicated Server Hosting Account is.

Here are a few of the questions that I asked in the interview:

– What is shared hosting?

– On average, how many accounts are run off of one shared hosting server?

– What is VPS or a Virtual Private Server?

– How does VPS differ from Shared hosting if you are still sharing a server with other accounts?

– On average, how many accounts are loaded onto a single ServInt VPS server?

– If someone else on the same VPS server I'm on gets coverage on Fox News & it brings down their site, will it also bring down mine?

– What kind of Backups do you do perform on my data stored on my ServInt VPS account?

– I recommend my clients and the Podcast Answer Man community purchase the Fantastico option when signing up for a ServInt account. How much is that?

– What about a client who has a shared hosting account with GoDaddy that is not running CPanel. Is your support department able to do the migration for them as well?

– I did notice that my WordPress was wanting me to do manual ftp updates after I moved over to ServInt. Through working with your support department, I found out that I needed to request them to install/run your php as suPHP. Since then, I've told my clients and my community to also request this. Can you explain what the heck this means?

– It may seem obvious about what a dedicated server is. However is there anything else that we should know about having a dedicated server that you think we should know about?

– In the past, I had always been afraid of the dedicated server option because when I had looked into these in the past, I was told I would have to install my own OS, perform system patches, backups, etc. etc etc. However, do I understand right that your Dedicated server packages are “Managed”? If so, what does that mean exactly?

I really hope you find the content of this interview as valuable as I did.

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