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Podcamp Cincinnati Reactions
I kick off this episode of Podcast Answer Man by giving my reactions the first ever, Podcamp Cincinnati. I share why I felt that this was one of the best Podcamp experiences to date.

Missing Artwork Previews On The Mac
Katie Davis called in to say that she watched the video on tagging on my tutorial and noticed that the artwork previews were working on my display in that tutorial but she is not able to to get them to show up on her Mac. In the episode, I explain why this is.

Confused About Hosting
Emily called in to say that she is confused about the hosting of a podcast. I try to bring a little clarity to this matter and suggest that she watch part 1 and part 4 of the tutorial at

MDX 4600 Tutorial Feedback
Tommy sent some audio feedback regarding my MDX 4600 video tutorial. I share my thoughts regarding the reactions that I have received regarding this tutorial. If you are looking to purchase the Behringer MDX4600, you can find my tutorial by clicking here.

Testing Out ShareBar Plugin
I recently made the decision to try out the ShareBar plugin. In the episode, I share some of my initial thoughts on the plugin. What I like about it and what I am not so crazy about. Do you have a social sharing plugin that you enjoy using on your site? Please tell me in the comments section.

UPDATE AFTER PUBLISHED: It's funny, but just as I was publishing this episode, I decided to dump ShareBar and I'm currently trying out the SexyBookmarks Plugin. I'm enjoying it so far. However, I would love to know how I could additionally put the share bar in the middle of really long posts or pages. So far, I can only see the option to either put it above or below the post or both. However, I'd love to have a shortcode to additional put it anywhere within the post as well.

Want to attend BlogWorld LA?
If you want to attend BlogWorld LA, you can use my promo code RAVEN20 to save 20% off the cost of the conference. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

My BlogWorld LA Talk

Title: Forget CPM! Proven Strategies For Generating Serious Income FromYour Podcasting Efforts!

Description: As a full-time podcast producer and podcast consulting/coach, Cliff Ravenscraft left his career in insurance, of 11 years, to pursue his passion of podcasting in January of 2008.

In this session, Cliff will share how he generated just over $177,000 in income in 2010 and you will hear the story behind why one listener sent him a contribution of $12,000 to support the content of Cliff’s Generally Speaking Production Network.

This session will also feature stories of many of Cliff’s consultant/coaching clients who have also achieved similar success from their podcasting efforts over the past several years. All of which were achieved without the use of CPM advertising! LA Meetup
Friday, November 4th at 7pm PST

More details about the location of this event will be posted in the Facebook event once I have them. The meetup will almost certainly be close to the LA Convention Center where BlogWorld is being held.

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