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Leslie Samuel's Online Content Paves Way For Dream Job!
I am so excited about this week's “Where Are They Now” interview with Leslie Samuel from and Leslie's story is full of so much valuable insight and inspiration. I know that you are going to love hearing about how a site with some online videos and an audio podcast paved the way for him to fulfill his dream of teaching Biology at the University level, even though he did not have his PHD.

Here are a few key points that I pulled from the interview:
– Leslie is from St. Maarten and came to the states to study biology.
– It was his dream to teach biology at the University level.
– He simply didn't have the desire to go through what was needed to get his PHD.
– He accepted a job teaching High School Biology.
– “If I can't teach at the university level offline, I'll do it online!”
– In January 2011, he created:
– Produced videos between 3 to 8 minutes approximately three times per week.
– Even though he can now upload videos in excess of 60 minutes, he still prefers creating videos at 3 to 5 minutes.
– “If you are going to do somethign online, you might as well do it about something that you are passionate about.”
– A listener sent feedback with a story about how his wife was singing his podcast jingle in her sleep!
– In the first year, he did not focus on monetization at all.
– Today, he is bringing in between $500 to $1,500 per month from study guides.
– Why does he do an audio podcast? He says, “I can't see myself not doing it.”
– Audio podcasts had an amazing impact on his life and he wanted to do the same for others.
– Leslie shares what he's learned about creating an online business at

Random Plug of The Week
This week's random plug of the week goes out to the Video Snap Cast from Spencer Burnside. I absolutely love that he's created an audio podcasters to help beginners in video production. If you decide to check it out, please tell him that you heard about the podcast from the Podcast Answer Man.

Major BlogWorld Announcement!
Last week, I shared just how excited I am that I was invited back to speak at BlogWorld NYC here in 2012, held June 5th, 6th, and 7th. In this episode, I revealed some more amazing news about BlogWorld.

I was not only invited to speak in the podcasting track for both BlogWorld NYC & LA, I was also offered the position of track leader for the entire podcasting track for the conference. It's a very significant commitment, especially since the NYC event is only three months away, with 24 sessions to create and 40 to 60 speakers to invite to fill those sessions. However, there is absolutely no question that I am up for the task.

In fact, things could have not worked out more perfectly as far as my ability to shift a few priorities to slip this in as my #2 priority, just under The Podcast Mastermind.

If you are serious about your podcasting efforts, I highly recommend that you attend this leading podcast industry conference. I know for a fact that some very exciting things are going to be happening at this year's NYC event, relating to podcasting. If you haven't registered yet, feel free to use my affiliate link to get registered today.

What Can I Do With The Free Web Space From My ISP?
Butch called in to say that he's been using some free web space that was provided by his ISP for the past several years to promote his personal brand. He's getting ready to launch a podcast and wanted to know if I would recommend leaving that site up as a static landing page and have a separate page, using WordPress, for his podcast. I give my response to this question in the podcast.

Is The iPhone Enough For A First Time Podcaster?
Josh wrote in to say that he and his wife are expecting their first child. They thought it would be cool to create a podcast to talk about being first time parents. Josh wanted to know if I felt that he could get by with just the iPhone and an audio recording application or if I felt he should get a small, yet professional, digital audio recorder. I think my response may be shocking to some long time podcasting listeners.

What All Is Needed To Do A Podcast via Skype With Three People?
Johnny wrote in to ask what equipment each person would need to have to pull off a podcast where there were three co-hosts who were all three in different geographic areas. I give a pretty detailed response to this question in the episode.

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