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Happy Thanksgiving
I wanted to take a moment and tell you that during this Thanksgiving holiday, I am extremely thankful for each and everyone of you who have been a part of the Podcast Answer Man community.

I was originally going to take the week off this week, due to Thanksgiving, and next week due to the fact that I'll be on vacation with my family. However, I know that I recently took a week off, just two weeks ago, while I was out of town speaking at the Platform Conference. This on top of the fact that there isn't an episode of the Serial Podcast, I thought I'd go ahead and put together and episode for you.


Journaling For Blog Content Strategy
In this episode, I shared how beneficial journaling has been to me over the years. Recently, I've fallen in love with the Day One App for iOS and Mac computers. I've been journaling like crazy and publishing nearly everything I've written on my Tumblr account at

I share how I've also been using this content in my social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. More importantly, I've shared how this app has actually got me back into the habit of blogging as well.

In fact, here are the links to the three blog posts I mentioned in this episode:

  • The Quick Question Blog Post
  • Creating Content That You Feel Called To Create
  • A New iTunes Description for Podcast Answer Man
    michael-hyattAn Interview With Michael Hyatt
    Also in this episode, I share a conversation with my great friend, Michael Hyatt. Michael shared his thoughts on journaling and the benefits that he has seen as a result of the practice. We also discussed how he, also, is asking himself the question “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Michael shared his process for how he's moving forward during this time of seeking clarity for the future direction of his brand. We also talked about the upcoming launch of his Best Year Ever Program.


    Podcasting A to Z
    Do you want to learn how to podcast but don't know where to start? Podcasting A to Z is a four week online training course that walks you through each step in the process of setting up a podcast. You not only get step-by-step tutorials, but you also have the ability to get answers to all your questions during the four week session.

    If you have been thinking about starting a podcast, this is the course for you. Just head over to for full details. I look forward to potentially working with you.

    Upcoming Event Schedule
    One of my favorite things about traveling to, and speaking at conferences, is meeting members of my community. I always make it a point to host a community meetup wherever I travel.

    Below is a list of events that you might be interested in. If you can make it to any of these events, I'd love to have the opportunity to meet you. If you are not able to attend the event, but are in that area, I'd still love for you to come to the personal community meetup that I will host in that town.

    Social Media Marketing World
    March 25-27, 2015 – San Diego, CA
    Affiliate Link:

    New Media Europe
    September 12-13, 2015 – Manchester, UK
    Affiliate Link:

    Free Month of Media Hosting With Libsyn!
    Because of all the years of sending clients to sign up for accounts with Libsyn, they have created an affiliate program only given to a hand selected group of podcasting experts. I'm delighted that I am now able to offer your ONE MONTH FREE when you sign up for a new account with Libsyn. Simply use promo code GSPN when you sign up! For my complete thoughts on podcast hosting, click here.

    Podcast Video Tutorials:
    I have a growing list of video tutorials that I have created based upon the the top things my clients have hired me to help them with. See the full list of tutorials by clicking here.

    I Appreciate Your iTunes Reviews!
    If you have ever read my blog post about how iTunes podcast ratings work, then you know just how valuable leaving a 5 star rating and/or a written review can be to a content producer.

    I am so incredibly thankful to those who have recently gone into my listing in iTunes to provide a five star rating and a written review of Podcast Answer Man.

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