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I recently received an email from Mike Wendland that said… “I bought your equipment package, worked through many of your tutorials and have listened to most, if not all of the Podcast Answer Man episodes. I also follow the Pursuing a Balanced Life podcast.

I wanted to write you and let you know that my Roadtreking podcast: The RV Podcast just hit the one million download mark on Libsyn. This happened in a little over 10 months. As you know, very, very few podcasts ever reach that level and for those that do, it usually takes many years to accomplish. Our doing it in 10 months is a major milestone.

In addition, the podcast has sold out in sponsorships. I now have four major sponsors, all committed to a one year program. I have two others on a waiting list, if and when another sponsorship opens.

This all came from following your advice of following my passion, delivering weekly, consistent content of high production quality that is useful to my audience.

Although I am now earning a full-time income from this show, it is a labor of love and I would do it even if didn’t make a cent. I truly enjoy putting every episode together and it is such a joy as we travel around the country to find people who follow the show and come up and introduce themselves to us.

I feel your tutelage is a major reason for the success. Thank you all so much for making this happen!!!! – Mike”

The 10 Podcasting Tips Mike Shared In This Episode:

1) Do not focus on making money. Make friends. Don't think audience. Think individuals. Share, teach, help, serve, connect.

2) Content is and always will be king. Have fresh content every day if possible. Make the podcast the highlight of the week for you and your audience but have fresh content on blog to keep in contact.

3) Build relationships by answering every email, engaging on Facebook, helping to answer questions. Commenting on the posts. Sharing photos. Tell them where you are and what you are doing.

4) Make it easy for the audience to listen by having a show notes page with links and resources. I embed the time of each segment or feature so they can go right there.

5) Develop systems with Apps and plugins. I use Text Expander, Evernote, the new Apple notes to organize notes and to have templates of standard answers. Pretty Links to shorten urls. Speakpipe for listener questions.

6) Think of your platform as an integrated ecosystem. Blog, newsletter, videos, podcast, social media. All work together. All feed each other. When one grows they all grow.

7) Get help. Form a team. I have a virtual assistant who helps with newsletters and show notes. I use Edgar for my social media management. I have a team of a dozen volunteer moderators who keep things civil on my Facebook group and page. I have a handpicked team of seven volunteer writers who help with the blog.

8) Expand your circles of friends. Use LinkedIn Groups. Pinterest. Share your material there. Look for posts on Facebook that address a topic you've already covered and link to it use Twitter with how to links or to ask questions.

9) Get better. Work on audio quality. Try new things like Blab. Be enthusiastic. Genuine. Relentlessly positive. Transparent. Ask for suggestions and help. Be willing to change. Keep learning!

10) Keep this all in proper perspective. Get rest. Take care of your most important off screen relationships first. Balance work and personal time. Be spiritually grounded. Eat right and exercise. Work smart but don't be afraid to take a day off.

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