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An Interview With Todd Uterstaedt
35b116dI'm so excited to share a recent interview that I did with Todd Uterstaedt who produces the From Founder To CEO podcast. Todd is an alumni of my Podcasting A to Z Group Coaching Program. In fact, he's gone through the program twice. However, the reason why I'm excited to share this interview with you is due to the large number of value bombs he dropped with every single response to each question that I asked him.

In fact, I came away with pages of notes with the valuable takeaways that I think you'll find in this episode. I'll list a just a few of the notes that I took while listening back to the interview a second time.

– One of the reasons why Todd created his podcast was so that he could interview people that he wanted to build a relationship with.

– Todd genuinely cares about each and every guest that he invites to come on to his podcast.

– Todd makes it a point to follow up with each guest. Not just once to ask them to promote the show, but even months later to ask if there is anything that he can do to help them in their business pursuits.

– Todd does a great deal of research on each guest he brings onto the show. He'll read and watch any previous interviews the person had one in the past so that he can best understand them and their business.

– Todd goes out of his way to make sure that he creates an episode of his podcast that can be used to advocate for the business of his guest.

– Todd provides each guest with a THREE PAGE DOCUMENT that helps them learn how to effectively market their interview in a way that will help them.

– Todd spends about five to six hours per episode. He originally wanted to do five episodes per week. However, after my advice, he decided to start with only three episodes per week. Soon, he found that too overwhelming and decided to drop to only two episodes per week.

I genuinely hope that you found this episode extremely valuable. If you decide to check out Todd's podcast, please be sure to let him know that you heard him on Podcast Answer Man.

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