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In my years of coaching podcasters and those who are building an online business, I'm often asked “How Do I Grow My Audience.” I have all sorts of ideas for actually growing your audience.

In this episode, I actually share tips that will help you attract your ideal customer and I explain why I feel that this is a much better goal to pursue.

The Tips Shared In This Episode

1) Get VERY Specific About You Your Ideal Customer Is.

2) Learn About Your Ideal Customer's Problems Through Conversations & Surveys.

3) Create Content, Products & Services that solve the problems that you have discovered.

4) Adopt The Attitude That Every Person Matters.

5) Participate In Facebook or LinkenIn Groups Where Your Ideal Customers Hang Out. (Serve Only – No Self Promotion)

6) Attend and/or Speak At Live Events Where Your Ideal Customers hang out. (Serve Only – No Self Promotion)

Links Mentioned In This Episode

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– Next Level Workshop (Building An Online Business –

– Next Level Mastermind Application –

– Free The Dream Event – http://FreeTheDream.LIVE

– Cliff's Private SCORRE Conference Group –

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