This episode is yet another break from my normal format. I'm beginning to wonder if I still have a “normal” format.

At any rate, I was at the gym this morning when a friend of mine asked me… “Who is the David Foster who you credit for a lot of your affirmations?”

I responded… “He was a pastor in the Nashville area. My relationship with him is a fascinating story.”

I then shared a link to the book “A Renegade's Guide to God: Finding Life Outside Conventional Christianity.”

To further share some insight into my relationship with David Foster, I forwarded my friend a link to a podcast episode that I released on December 13th, 2011 which featured a conversation between myself and David.

After our text exchange, I decided to listen to that podcast episode, myself, while I was at the gym. As I was nearing the end, I felt compelled to share that archived conversation in a new episode of this podcast.

In my heart, I have a feeling that this episode is going to resonate with a few people.

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