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When my friend, Brian Floyd, was asked… “What does an extraordinary life look like for you at the next level? (a.k.a., What is your dream?), he responded by sharing the future of his dreams.

Brian stated that he would be considered a best selling author who is now producing movies and television shows based upon the stories that he has written.

In further conversation, Brian exclaimed to me, with full confidence, “Cliff, I was born to be a story teller.”

After attending Free The Dream 2018, Brian had a clear action plan for how to go about achieving his dream. When I checked up with Brian, a few months after the event, he had certainly made significant progress in the direction of his dream. However, he shared that he had come across a major road block, holding him back from a certain action that he desired to take on a consistent basis.

When I asked him why he was failing to remain consistent in this behavior, he initially told me that he had no idea what it was, holding him back.

I reminded Brian that “all beliefs have consequences.” I then shared a valuable insight about how to discover the beliefs that are holding him back from living the life that he was created to live.

I asked him to apply that insight, on the spot, and Brian discovered a memory from when he was a teenager. He recalled when his loving, and well respected, uncle spoke a few words that have been etched deep in his heart. Those words created a belief that he was not even consciously aware of.

The best part of this story is that my entire conversation with Brian was recorded and he has given me permission to share this recording with you in this episode of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show.

This podcast episode will give you so many valuable insights into what is keeping you, yourself, from living “fully alive.” As you listen, see you can discover some of your own “hidden” beliefs.

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