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I’m back from my 10 day personal retreat in the Smokey Mountains and I'm inspired, more than ever before (and that's saying A LOT) to create content at “the next level.”

I share the launch of The Lord of The Rings Fan Podcast.

I talked about how I used to produce a very large number of podcast shows where I averaged between seven to fifteen podcast episodes a week and why I eventually shut down most of those shows.

However, because of Kajabi's Podcasting Functionality, and its absolute ease of use, I can now pursue my vision for content creation according to the way I envision it.

Here are the active shows that I mentioned in this episode:

Train With Cliff Audio Program
• The Cliff Ravenscraft Show (That's this show)
Cliff’s Notes on Profitable Coaching
Family From The Heart
Lord of The Rings Fan Podcast
Twilight Saga Podcast
The Community Voice

And of course I share a list of potential shows that I'm likely to launch over the next few weeks and months.

See for the shows that I've already moved over from my old Generally Speaking Production Network archives.

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