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I'm happy to announce that I've just launched my 41st podcast show titled “Upgrade Your Peer Group – The Power of Mastermind Groups.”

I'm including the first episode of this new show where I share an introduction to my overall story of how I made the transition from the “Mindset of an Employee” to the “Mindset of a Self-Employed Business Owner.”

I could have never succeeded in such a radical transformation in my life had it not been for my understanding of the need to “upgrade my peer group” to those who believed in my ability to succeed in this endeavor.

I only succeeded in closing one chapter of my life and boldly proceeding into the next chapter as a result of my upgraded peer group, who were willing to commit to my success in this transformation.

This podcast is all about helping you develop and benefit from a fuller understanding of the power behind the Mastermind Principle and Healthy Mastermind Group Alliances.

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