001 Podcast Answer Man – Introduction And Our First Question!


Introduction And Welcome Episode

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Welcome to the Podcast Answer Man podcast! This podcast is for those who know little to nothing about podcasting but would love to start a podcast if they only knew how. This show can help you start a show no matter what your budget is. This podcast is for those who have already started to look into starting a show or perhaps have already done a few episodes. I hope this podcast will motivate you to try some new techniques or products that can improve your own show or grow the number of listeners who interact with your show. Finally, this show is also for those who are podcast professionals or who are more seasoned podcasters. It is my hope that these folks will help me in answering the questions that come in.

Basically, I hope this show will begin to inspire a community of podcasters who will share hints, tips, and tricks that will help all of us improve all our podcasts.

If you would like to talk to me about setting up one on one podcast consulting, email me at [email protected]. If you have a question you would like me to address on the show, call in your question to 859-795-4067.

In this episode, we answer Edith's question about what I would suggest for two co-hosts who live more than 200 miles apart as far as for recording their show. My suggestion is to use Skype to facilitate the conversation while each records their own voice locally. Then one person will obtain the other person's audio track to sync them together in audio editing software so that you have full audio quality on both ends.

I shared Leo Leporte's explanation of what he uses for a telephone interface in his podcasts. I also shared that I have made my own home brew telephone interface for a short term fix.

Are you a long time listener of GSPN? Did you notice the new sound of my voice in this podcast? What has changed? It is the new Heil PR-40 that I just purchased.

I was so excited to talk with Leo Leporte the other day and also to be interviewed along with him and a few other podcasters by Podcaster User Magazine. We were interviewed regarding our experience with TalkShoe. Look for the article to come out in issue #12 tat will be issued around the first of January, 2007.

558 – Hope Is The Atmosphere Where All Things Thrive

In this episode, I asked my great friend, Ray Edwards, to interview me, on my own podcast, about why I have decided to create the Free The Dream Conference.

Ray Edwards is a copywriter, best-selling author, copywriting + marketing consultant, keynote speaker and my best friend in the world.

He has worked on marketing campaigns that have generated an estimated $100 million in sales, working with clients such as Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Jeff Walker and Michael Hyatt.

Ray's mission is to help Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners, Coaches, Consultants, Trainers, Copywriters, Freelancers and others Prosper with Purpose!

If this episode speaks to you on any level, I sincerely hope that you will reserve your seat today at FreeTheDream.LIVE.

Let's Work Together:
I mentor coaches, consultants and thought leaders through the transition from an unfulfilling day job to a profitable online business so that you can live the life of your dreams and do the work you feel most called to do in the world.

Over the past decade, I have had the privilege and honor of working with folks like Michael Hyatt, Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, Ray Edwards, John Lee Dumas, Dan Miller and thousands of others on the successful launch of their audio podcasts. The most exciting part of my work, with many of these folks, has been helping them create and build a profitable online business around their podcasting efforts.

If you are ready to take your message, your business and your life to the next level, check out my Work With Me page to see how we can work together.


448 – Getting Past Episode 007 And A Conversation With Joel Comm Regarding The Value of Snapchat

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Getting Past Episode 007
An overwhelming majority of podcast that are created never make it past their seventh episode. In this episode, I attempt to encourage Susan B from the I Can't Stop Spending podcast, to avoid contributing to this statistic.

You see, Susan was a student in my March Podcasting A to Z coaching program. Even before she launched her podcast, she was already experiencing “cold feet.”

She had already done the hard work of setting up and tweaking her recording equipment setup and and figuring out the audio editing process. She had already produced a sample audio file that I gave a “PERFECT” rating. (And most of you know just how much of an audio snob I am.)

During the first week of the coaching program, I asked her why she wanted to launch her podcast. She wrote… “My life’s mission, and the purpose of my podcast, is to share my experience, strength, and hope around recovery from compulsive spending, to help others who feel powerless over the obsession to buy, shop, and spend…

However, on March 30th, while other students were submitting their first episodes to the various podcast directories, she wrote to me saying… “So I’m having an identity crisis, Cliff….. I’m not sure I should be doing this particular podcast now. I know you cannot make the decision, but I’d like your feedback about my concerns.

She went on to write about about how a few of her friends in recovery have cautioned her about some of the things that she was considering with her platform.

She then wrote… “I’m worried that people will get upset with me for sharing my experience, strength, and hope this way.

And she told me that she had an idea for a different podcast that she might pursue instead.

This interaction inspired the following vlog post!

BTW. After receiving my feedback, Susan sent me the following message.

–Begin Quote–

Cliff, I cannot thank you enough for this amazing motivational response. I will be using it in the podcast, if you don’t mind. Your transformation is astounding. I read the FB post and comments, and was so struck by this exchange you had with someone:

THEY SAID: I know you won’t call out the hater who mocked you, but I hope he sees this and the profound support you so deservedly have received. Well done! Keep up the good work!

And YOU SAID: Yeah, funny thing is that guy made it into the most recent Keynote that I did. I used it as an example of how you can’t allow others, who don’t understand your vision, keep you from moving toward your goal as a result of their negative feedback.



Moving forward. Thanks to you.

–End Quote–

I was so happy to see Susan publish her first episode, on April 3rd. As I saw her publish a new episode every week for the next four weeks, I thought she was on course for beating that “7th Episode Statistic.”

However, earlier this week, I received a new email from Susan. She wrote the following.

–Begin Quote–

Hi Cliff,

I'm going to stop the podcast for now. 🙁

I asked someone (not in my target audience) to listen. His response was that it was boring (it is) and I talk too much about myself (I do, but that is because that's how we do it in recovery), and not entertaining (ugh). He suggested using a script (sooooo time-consuming).

There is nothing worse to me. Searched your website for “boring,” but found nothing.

The one thing I've never been accused of being is boring. I've done five episodes. And I thought I was quite passionate and had some humor in it.

I just wondered if you have ever done a podcast on the topic of being entertaining vs. boring. If not, it would be great if you did one.

Since I steadily have around 75 listeners to each episode, I'm going to do a hiatus episode and explain and ask for feedback.

This is so hard and time-consuming as it is, but if I stink at it, I just don't see any point of continuing until I figure something else out. Probably interviewing would be the only option. And I really didn't want to do that.


–End Quote–

I asked Susan for permission to read her email in this week's podcast episode and to share my responses with her in the podcast. She gave me her blessing to do so and that's what you'll hear during the first 27 minutes of this episode.

A Conversation With Joel Comm Regarding The Value of Snapchat
ConsultPhotoOriginally, this week's episode was going to feature a full-length conversation that I had with my friend, Joel Comm regarding the value of Snapchat. We had originally talked for approximately 52 minutes. However, I felt that I must share my response to Susan's email, mentioned above, in this episode as well.

As a result, I went to work editing the recording of my conversation with Joel. I ended up removing about 23 minutes of audio. However, I'm very excited about what came out as a result of this editing. I trust that you'll find some valuable insight into the value of Snapchat by listening in on our conversation. (Starts at 00:26:51).

By the way, you can Joel on Snapchat. His username is @JoelComm.


414 – How To Build A Deeper Relationship With Your Existing Audience


In this week's episode, I share the recording of the talk that I gave at Podcast Movement 2015. In this talk, I share why it is so important to focus on building a relationship with those who are already listening to your podcast and then I give you ten tips on how to build those relationships.

1. Engage with their content.
2. Ask many questions.
3. Shine the spotlight on your audience.
4. Prioritize your mailing list.
5. Create online community environments.
6. Reach out and touch someone (call them).
7. Set yourself reminders.
8. Collaborate with your closest community members.
9. User services like Periscope for live interaction.
10. Host community meetups.


329 Seven Ways To Market Affiliate Products

sks7 Ways To Market Affiliate Products
In this week's episode I am joined by my great friend, Mark Mason, from the Late Night Internet Marketing Podcast. In our conversation, we discuss seven things that podcasters can do to market affiliate products. (This Topic Starts at 00:21:36)

1. Do An Honest Review of a Product you use.
2. Do case studies and provide examples and data.
3. Interview people from the company.
4. Give away a free products in exchange for engagement.
5. Create a special bonus products
6. Create an fantastic blog post using all of the above.
7. Promote to your list.

I'm doing a daily podcast!
In this episode, I share why I am actually doing something that I attempt to talk most people out of. I encourage everyone to check out episode 536 of Pursuing A Balanced Life for full details about why I am currenlty producing that podcast on a daily basis.

Pursuing A Balanced Life PodcastPursuing a Balance LifeClick Here To Listen!
Pursuing A Balanced Life was originally launched in March of 2006. When it started, I (Cliff Ravenscraft), worked as an independent insurance agent, in a family run insurance agency, and had only been podcasting as a hobby for a few short months. In January 2008, I left my career in insurance, after 11 years, to pursue podcasting as my full-time career.

This podcast has served as an audio journal that has chronicled everything that led to my decision to leave my career in insurance and to start my own online business. This podcast contains the most exhaustive account of all the things that I have learned about building my own business and how I've managed to balance all the demands that come along with being an entrepreneur.

I invite you to subscribe and join me as I continue to share all the business and success principles that I learn along the way as well as my pursuit of finding a balance between my focus on my career, my desire to be a great husband and father, my desire to become more physically fit and healthy, and my desire to live a life of faith.

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Podcast Awards Now Accepting Nominations
I am delighted to announce that I have, once again, made the decision to become a corporate sponsor of The Podcast Awards. The nomination process is now open for the 9th Annual Podcast Awards. You can submit your nominations through October 15th at http://PodcastAwards.com.

Personal Plug of The Week
This week's personal plug of the week goes out to Jessy K. Piskai, from the When In Korea podcast. Jessy created this podcast as a resource for military wives who are going to be stationed, with their spouse, in South Korea.