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snmusicCan I Play Music In My Podcast?
One of the top five things that I am most often asked about is whether or not you can play music in your podcast.

I created this extended edition of Podcast Answer Man to serve as a resource that I can point folks to as questions related to music in a podcast continue to come in.

Topic starts at 10 minutes and 30 seconds.

Here are the resources related to what I shared in this episode.
Fair Use WikiPedia Article.
Four-Factor Balancing Test for Fair Use.
Dan Miller's Podcast
Ray Edward's Podcast
Corbis Entertainment / GreenLight Licensing.
Harry Fox Agency Licensing
YouTube Audio Library
Geoff Smith Jingles
Music Radio Creative


Ask Me Anything About Launching A Podcast (Webinar Replay)

I recently hosted a free webinar, “Ask Me Anything About Launching A Podcast.” The purpose was to give people a taste of what my weekly group coaching calls are like during my, four week, Podcasting A to Z online coaching program.

The video below is an edited replay of the webinar featuring the most relevant questions for those who are seeking to launch their podcast.

There was no “hard sell” during the webinar. The goal was simply to showcase the level of information and value that I bring to the who might be be thinking about signing up for Podcasting A to Z.

Time Stamps For Topics Covered In This Video:
I have taken the time to break down the content covered in this webinar replay. If you click on the “time stamps” listed for each question, you will be taken directly to the starting point of that question in the YouTube video playback. (Doing this will take you to the YouTube website)

00:01:44 – How often should I publish a new episode?

00:03:25 – What is the perfect length of a podcast episode?

00:06:52 – How do I go about collecting email addresses on a WordPress based podcasting website?

00:10:41 – How many platforms are out there for me to list my podcast?

00:13:20 – I'm trying to get the company I work for, that sells business software, to create a podcast. The marketing department wants to have a buckshot approach when it comes to the target audience. Also, are CEO's of multi-million dollar businesses listening to podcasts?

00:16:26 – My download numbers have stagnated a bit. How long should I stay the course before changing things up regarding how I promote my podcast?

00:19:16 – How do you recommend recording a Skype or telephone call conversation.

00:23:31 – What's the best thing to do to launch a podcast so that it gets great traction?

00:31:37 – Which app do you use on your iPad to play audio clips?

00:32:33 – Please share three tips for creating a successful podcast.

00:34:56 – How did you become such a hunk? You look awesome.

00:36:01 – If you could only promote your show one way, which way would you choose and why?

00:38:07 – What type of revenue streams can be generated from my podcasting efforts?

00:41:22 – Any suggestions on production workflow to help reduce the amount of time it takes to create each new episode?

00:43:18 – What are you favorite sources for royalty free music?

00:44:50 – If you are talking over a music bed, what percentage of ducking do you recommend?

00:46:23 – How do you do prepare for the podcast episodes that you produce?

00:49:39 – What do I do if my guest does not have Skype and wants to me to call them on the telephone?

Please be sure to check out http://PodcastingAtoZ.com

328 Finding Your Voice – Knowing What You Want To Share With The World

snfyvThree Ideas For Finding Your Voice
In this episode, I invite Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei Kang back to Podcast Answer Man. Joel and Pei were featured as guests back on episode 226 where we discussed how you can make yourself newsworthy.

Joel is coming out with a new book titled “Finding Your voice – sort through the clutter and discover clarity, confidence and direction” that is being published by SoundWisdom. The book is scheduled for release on November 5th. However, you can pre-order the book by clicking here. If you do end up pre-ordering the book, you can get your book bonuses by clicking here.

In my conversation with Joel and Pei, we discussed three ideas to help you discover the message that you have to share with the world.

1. Finding your voice in the “past” – your past leaves clues.
2. Finding your voice in the “questions” others have for you.
3. Finding your voice in the “struggles”

YouTube Audio Library
YouTube recently launched their Free Audio Library with 150 Royalty-Free audio tracks that you can download and use in any of your creative productions.

YouTube already offered more than 150,000 audio tracks on its site previously. However, those tracks were not able to be downloaded or edited in any way. Also, those tracks were only licensed for use in YouTube videos.

These new tracks are available as 320 Kbps MP3 files and YouTube says that they can be used for “any creative purpose” even outside of YouTube. In this social media segment, Erik Fisher and I discuss when you may or may not want to use these audio tracks.


219 Podcast Answer Man – New Show Prep Organization And So Much More!

This week, I'm delighted by the result of my decision to remove the Podcast Answer Man podcast off my Live Show Thursday Schedule. I felt so much more relaxed as I prepared and shared the content that is contained in this episode. I hope you find something valuable within the episode to help you take your show to the next level.

New Show Prep Organization
I am moving my show prep away from Google Docs and over to http://Wunderlist.com. In the episode, I share the various reasons why I have made this decision. Should you decide to give Wunderlist a go for organizing the topics that you cover in your show, I would love to hear about it in the comments section below.

FeedBurner Original Feed Question
Brian called in to say that he's learned a lot of things by trial and error and actually plans to restart his podcasting efforts from scratch with a fresh reboot. This time around, he's going to be using FeedBurner and he wants to know which feed he should use for his “original feed.” I answer that question in this episode.

AWeber Update
A few weeks ago, I did a blog post at http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/aweber. In it, I mentioned that I was moving away from MailChimp and over to Aweber for my email mailing list. In this episode, I share why I am glad that I went through all the hard work and how it has immediately paid off with my recently sent email messages.

JewelBeat Update
In episode 215 of Podcast Answer Man, I shared a relatively new service that allows you to purchase royalty free music that you can use in your media products where you only pay 99 cents per song. Since then, I've received a lot of positive feedback related to the service and in this episode, Steve called in to share his review of the service. Have a look at http://JewelBeat.com and let me know your thoughts about what you find in the comments section below.

Songify iPhone App
Chances are you have seen YouTube videos or media coverage of some sort of the Auto Tuning The News. It's where you take normal speech and set it to music and use software to change the pitch of your voice to match the music, almost as if the speech was actually being song, in tune, with the music playing. In this episode, I share what it would sound like if you did this with the words that I use to open each new episode of Podcast Answer Man. You can get the Songify iPhone app, for free, by clicking here.

I Ordered A Roku XDS Streaming Media Player
I just recently purchased an XDS Roku box from Amazon. If you are intersted in getting one of these for yourself, click here for my affiliate link. In the episode, I share some of my reasoning for purchasing this streaming media player. I am expecting to receive it on Friday and play around with it this weekend. I'll let you guys know what I think after I have had some time to figure it out. If you have a Roku player, please tell me what you like most about it in the comments section below.

Other Topics Addressed

  • Richard called in to share some additional thoughts on setting audio levels.
  • Hank from DaddyLife.net called in to say thanks for the inspiration.
  • If you are interested in a September Podcasting A to Z course, please email me at [email protected].

PODCAST CONSULTING: I'm available for one on one podcast consulting and coaching. Whether you want someone to get everything set up for you or you just need a little help along the way, I'd love to work with you. I'm able to demonstrate using screen sharing technology during our call which makes it just like I was there sitting next to you at the computer. If you are interested, email me at [email protected].

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