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This is not officially an episode of the podcast. Instead, I simply needed to drop in a few announcements for you.

You see, I'm currently a few weeks ahead when it comes to producing this podcast. However, when I had recorded, edited and scheduled the two part series titled “The Year of Identity,” I didn't think to put any sort of reminder about the events that I'll be speaking at.

So I decided to record and publish this brief audio update simply to make the following announcements.

Asia Pacific Podcast Conference
I want to remind you that I'll be doing a keynote address for the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference in just a few short weeks from now. This event is being held in Auckland New Zealand on February 12th and 13th.

If you are in New Zealand, Australia, or any other countries within that geographic region, I'd love to have this opportunity to meet you face to fact. You can learn more about the event at

If you would like to get a special discount on the cost of your tickets to this event, simply use my affiliate link, which will take you directly to the shopping cart with my discount code applied.

Social Media Marketing World
I want to let you know that I will also be speaking at Social Media Marketing World again this year. That event will be held in San Diego on April 17th through the 19th. My affiliate link for this event is

Podcasting A to Z
I've opened the registration for my 24th session of Podcasting A to Z. This next session will launch on Monday, March 14th and is your opportunity to have me as your personal coach for a total of four weeks as I walk you, step by step, through every part of the process in successfully launching your podcast. Register today at

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