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Custom Podcast Artwork And Header Design

Make A Great First Impression
If you have listened to my Podcast Answer Man podcast long enough, you know how much emphasis I put into the importance of audio quality in your podcast. You only get one chance to make a great first impression.

The look of your website or podcast artwork will almost always be the first impression of what people think about your podcast. In fact, when people search the iTunes directory and are faced with a list of shows, they will almost always pass up shows with the least attractive artwork, or no artwork at all.

Take a look at the following screen capture with some of my thoughts written about each of the images found in the results.


Where I get all my artwork these days
The number one question that I have been asked regarding podcast artwork is… “Cliff, who does all your podcast artwork!” In response to this, I tell people that it depends. I explain that if the artwork for one of my shows looks a bit cheesy, I created it myself using royalty free graphics and adding text to it with PhotoShop. However, if the artwork looks AMAZING, then that artwork was created by Jenny Hamson.

Jenny has been a member of our podcast community since we first started podcasting. She is a professional graphic artist for a large company. She wrote to me several years ago and explained that because she is consistently encouraged by the content that we create that she would would like to offer to fulfill any needs we had for graphics for our podcasts and/or websites.

I was about to launch a new podcast at the time and I figured I'd give her a test project to work on and see how she did with it. I was BLOWN AWAY! She knocked it out of the park. Since then, she has continued to blow my mind with each new piece of artwork that she has done for me. A while back, I worked out an arrangement where Jenny is able to earn a little extra income for her family by doing custom podcast graphic work for my clients and Podcasting A to Z students.

I have created the following to demonstrate just some of the amazing work that Jenny has done.


Hiring Jenny To Create Your Custom Artwork:
I do want to point out that I do earn a commission from Jenny on any artwork that you order through her. However, I want to point out that I was referring clients and students to her before we ever decided to formalize a referral affiliate relationship. She is, hands down, the best graphic artist that I have come across.

Jenny's pricing:
Custom Podcast Artwork = $250 (Designed to your specifications and includes iTunes resolution artwork file and a high resolution print file)

Podcaster's Package Deal = $500 (Includes custom podcast artwork, high resolution print file, web banner, Facebook Cover image, and original artwork file)

To get started with Jenny, please email her at “Jenny Hamson” [email protected]. If you decide to work with Jenny, please tell her that Cliff says hello!