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podcast-consultantWhen consulting with my clients for audio podcasting, I often tell them about the importance of using other social networking tools and broadcast channels to get the word out about your brand. I think it's great to focus a lot of attention on your audio podcast. I certainly prefer to consume audio content as I have more time that I devote to audio than I can any other form of media. However, it's important that we audio podcasters not neglect written blog posts, like this one. There's great value in using video, occasionally, to continue to draw an audience to your audio podcast.

Another valuable tool for promoting your audio podcast is creating a short promo that can be used by your audience to promote your podcast. It is with great enthusiasm that I share this YouTube video with you. It is a perfect example of what we podcasters should be doing to branch out and tell others about our audio content.

Here's the video:

As if I weren't impressed enough by their video promo, displayed prominently on the home page of their website, I was also impressed by the fact that they took time to create custom subscription graphics that fit the theme of their show.

I absolutely love the rss feed button in the wheel barrel and the tape measure wrapped around the iTunes Logo. Folks, if you are serious about your podcast and building a brand around what you are doing, don't be afraid to invest in your website. It's the first impression you'll give to a majority of your audience!

Podcasters take notice Brian and Paul of The Handy Guys Podcast! They are doing several things right!

If you would like more tips and advice on how to improve what you are doing with your podcast, contact me for some one on one consulting. In fact, ask about my 100 point podcast evaluation product!

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