666 – Do You Really Know Who You Are And What You Want?

In this episode, I share a recent podcast interview that I did with with Michael DeLon for his Experts Speak Podcast.

There were some powerful insights that I had shared in this episode that I have not shared in a public setting before. I hope that you'll come away with at least a few significant insights from what came up in this conversation.

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One-on-One Coaching

665 – The Next Level of Content Creation Begins

I’m back from my 10 day personal retreat in the Smokey Mountains and I'm inspired, more than ever before (and that's saying A LOT) to create content at “the next level.”

I share the launch of The Lord of The Rings Fan Podcast.

I talked about how I used to produce a very large number of podcast shows where I averaged between seven to fifteen podcast episodes a week and why I eventually shut down most of those shows.

However, because of Kajabi's Podcasting Functionality, and its absolute ease of use, I can now pursue my vision for content creation according to the way I envision it.

Here are the active shows that I mentioned in this episode:

Train With Cliff Audio Program
• The Cliff Ravenscraft Show (That's this show)
Cliff’s Notes on Profitable Coaching
Family From The Heart
Lord of The Rings Fan Podcast
Twilight Saga Podcast
The Community Voice

And of course I share a list of potential shows that I'm likely to launch over the next few weeks and months.

See gspn.tv for the shows that I've already moved over from my old Generally Speaking Production Network archives.

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664 – Most Exciting Podcasting News Since 2005! Kajabi Adds Podcasting Feature

In this episode, I share why Kajabi adding podcasting functionality to their offering is the most exciting podcasting news I’ve heard since 2005.

By the way, if you sign up for Kajabi using my affiliate link at MindsetAnswerMan.com/Kajabi before July 26th, you can get full access to all that Kajabi has to offer for three full months for only $99.

663 – Getting To What You Truly Want – Destinations Vs Vehicles

In this episode, I have a share another coaching conversation that I recently had on Clubhouse. Carolina had asked the question, “When do you think would be a good time to stop trying to go after the things that you want in life?”

Carolina had been attempting to get a scholarship for a Masters Degree Program in another country for many years. She had applied four separate times and had not got the scholarship. Having already decided to stop pursuing this dream, she is faced with a desire to apply once again. She's wondering if she should do it or just “stop.”

It is my sincere hope that our conversation will bring forth a great deal of insight in your own life as you begin to dig much deeper to find out what it is that you “truly” want in life. Once you find out what you truly want, you'll often discover that there are a number of ways to get it and all the resources you need are already available to you.

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662 – How You Can Stay Positive In Hard Situations

Can Too Much Positive Thinking Be Toxic?

Is it possible to feel good and have your entire life go well? If it were possible, would you even be willing to feel good for the rest of your life?

I recently had a very deep dive conversation on Clubhouse with a gentleman who asked, “How can I feel good and stay positive when I am faced with a really hard situation?”

If you are interested in learning the answer to “how to feel good” and where “positive thinking” fits in to the process of having your entire life go well, I encourage you to listen to this powerful episode of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show.

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