609 – A Behind The Scenes Look At Marketing A Conference

Have you ever had a crazy dream?

A dream that seemed so impossible, but no matter how the mere thought of going after scared you, it simply would not go away?

Several years ago, I had a dream of hosting a live conference.

Not just any conference.

My dream was that I was going to host a conference, IN A STADIUM, where tens of thousands of people would come to hear me speak.

I seriously had no idea where this dream came from.

At the time, I wouldn't have considered myself to be that much of a powerful communicator when it came to “pubic speaking, on a stage, in front of a live audience.”

For the life of me, I couldn't imagine anything that I, personally, could ever share at such a conference that would attract an audience of that size.

But this dream never went away.

It was weeks before I ever spoke about this dream to my closest friends.

Of course they encouraged me. The told me that they could see that happening.

But those were just my closest friends who have always saw much more potential in me than I had ever seen in myself.

Their encouragement, however, was starting to impact my own beliefs about this dream.

It took months before I ever spoke about this dream to those outside my “inner circle.”

I'll never forget the night, February 2016, that I sat in the living room of some friends that I had just met for the very first time in Auckland, New Zealand.

I was in New Zealand on an all-expenses paid, ten day, trip to New Zealand as a Keynote Speaker for the first ever Asia Pacific Podcast Conference hosted by my friend Paul Spain.

Some friends, that I had met at the event, had invited myself and Paul over for dinner. As we sat in their living room, someone asked me…. “What's next for Cliff Ravenscraft?”

I nervously told them about my dream of hosting my own stadium event.

I was shocked to hear the words of every person in that room as they told me how much they were 100% certain that dream would be fulfilled.

Not only that, but every person in the room had committed that they, themselves, would be buy a ticket to my first, ever, stadium event.

Over the following months I began to tell others.

A majority of the first 100 people that I had shared my dream with had the same response as the small group in New Zealand.

I began to think to myself… Wow! If I could just have this same conversation with 49,900 more people, I'd have a completely sold out stadium event.

Keep that statement in mind when you follow the rest of the content that I'm about ready to share with you. You'll have a greater understanding of why I've been so drawn to one particular method of marketing the Free The Dream Conference.

It wasn't until June 2016 that I began to have a grasp about the type of content that I would share a conference that I would host.

It was at that time that my wife, Stephanie, and I attended an Unleash The Power Within event in Dallas, TX, hosted by Tony Robbins. There were approximately 10,000 people at this event.

This one weekend had a powerful impact in my life. I experience a large number of major mindset breakthroughs in a single weekend and my life has not been the same since.

Stephanie and I gave a full review of that experience in episode 456 of this podcast.

Over the next two years, it became more and more clear to me that a number of people in my community would not want to attend a Tony Robbins event, but would attend an event with the same transformational outcome if I were to host it.

I went to work and immersed myself in the studio of want I wanted to offer at my own event.

I invested more than 10,000 hours over two and a half years, studying mindset and business success tips, tools, techniques and strategies from Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, and a large number of other folks who had devoted their lives to this type of work, to develop the Free The Dream Core Message.

I started small by hosting some live workshops in our Next Level Studio space. Once I had successfully sold out several workshops, I had the confidence needed to host our very first Free The Dream Conference in September 2018.

I took the biggest risk that I'd taken since leaving my career as an insurance agent back in January 2008, by launching the Free The Dream Conference.

I had NO IDEA how to much a conference.

I had desire to have 300 people attend that first event.

I didn't hit my goal.

However, 87 people did attend!

Of those 87, one person traveled all the way from France and another all the way from Germany.

And then…. What happened at that very first Free The Dream event was beyond what I could have ever imagined!

The video below shows the genuine emotions that I as experiencing the week following the event.

Since the very first recollection of this dream of hosting stadium events, I've come a long way.

I have hired a number of speaking coaches and I've gone to four professional speaking development workshops to help me take my public speaking skills to the Next Level.

Today, I do actually consider myself to be a powerful communicator on a stage in front of a live audience.

In fact, when I step on a stage, in front of a live audience, today, I feel more at home there than anywhere else. Something inside of me just “comes alive.”

Today, I am 100% confident that this dream was meant to lead me to develop the Free The Dream message.

I know, with all of my being, that I was created to share this message with as many people who will be willing to hear it and apply it to their lives.

I feel DRAWN toward filling stadiums with people who are ready to break free from everything that has been holding them back from living the life of their dreams.

I must admit, I still have a lot of personal and professional growth to go through, myself, before I fill a stadium.

However, I'm taking consistent steps forward toward that dream.

I'm writing these words with only 62 days until the second annual Free The Dream Conference.

I'm still trying to figure out how to successfully market a conference such as this.

In this podcast episode, I pull back the curtains and share a behind the scenes look at what I'm doing to market Free The Dream 2019 with the time that I have remaining.

608 – You Are Worthy

My wife and I host frequent Free The Dream Family Community Calls. These calls are designed to see how members of our community are doing when it comes to implementing the core Free The Dream Message in their pursuit of living the life of their dreams and doing the work they feel most called to do in this world.

Occasionally, I'll connect with someone who who is struggling to get beyond an obstacle that is keeping them from moving, forward, toward the achievement of their dreams. Depending what it is that they are dealing with, I will sometimes offer them a free “hot seat” mentoring session during one of our Free The Dream Community calls.

In this week's episode, I share the audio recording of such a hot seat with my great friend, Colin Yearwood. I know that many people in my community are going to resonate with the two obstacles that Colin shared that were holding him back from taking the actions that he knew he needed to do. More importantly, I hope that many who listen to this will experience the same BREAKTHROUGH that Colin did during the actual call.

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607 – Can You Just Choose To Be Happy?

In this episode of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show, I want to introduce you to a new speaker that will be taking the stage at Free The Dream 2019.

My great friend, Sara Anna Powers is a powerful communicator and she has a message about pursuing wealth that I know will positively impact everyone who attends Free The Dream.

I invited Anna to come on to the show, simply to have an impromptu conversation with me and to give you a feel for who she is and why you will want to come hear her talk at Free The Dream.

Don't delay. Get your tickets right now at FreeTheDreamConference.com

606 – Discover, Embrace & Live Your True Identity

As I was washing the dishes, I was thinking about what message that I might share as the closing keynote address for Free The Dream 2019. A few thoughts about discovering, embracing and living fully alive according to our TRUE IDENTITY came to my mind.

After finishing the dishes, I came down to my studio to post production work on the recording of a Free The Dream Family Zoom call that I had hosted. I wanted to make the recording available as a REPLAY for those who were unable to join live.

However, before starting that post production work, I felt compelled to go live on Facebook to talk about how important it is that we discover, embrace and live our lives fully according to our TRUE IDENTITY.

What happened next was quite serendipitous. I'm not certain if this will end up being the topic that I share as my closing keynote for Free The Dream this year. However, after I finished recording this, I was CERTAIN that those who caught this live were meant to hear what I shared and I was equally certain that the audio recording was supposed to be this episode of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show.

If this message stirs something inside of you, I truly hope to see you in Franklin TN this at Free The Dream 2019. Register now at http://FreeTheDreamConference.com

605 – Stop Letting Yourself Down

Crystal Foth has been a member of my community since 2013. Over the years, I have the honor of getting to know more and more about her and what her dreams are.

One year ago, I was producing daily video content to help get the word out about the Free The Dream Conference. I noticed that Crystal had been leaving amazing feedback related to what I was sharing. However, I was surprised that she had not yet signed up for the conference.

I reached out to Crystal to ask her why.

Below are a few “excerpts” from her email response.

Wow! I can't thank you enough for the personal message…. in fact I've been paralyzed when it comes to drafting this reply…. By replying, I have to confront the reasons myself why I'm not buying this ticket already! I've checked on flights/hotel, etc. Money is not the reason, time is a bit of a reason (but I'm willing to make it happen), the biggest reason is FEAR, but of what I'm not sure.

Since 2013 … I've longed to create a business that would fully support my family and let me live my fullest life…. On my desk, I have a handwritten note stating my dream is to build “a creative business that nourishes my soul, inspires others and creates financial abundance.”

What's my problem right? I attended (other event name removed) in 2014 to surround myself with others sharing the same goals and desires. Sitting in front of me that day were (name of couple removed) – and boy have they succeeded! I guess I'm afraid to make another investment and still not make it happen and see others just pass me right by. So what IS stopping me from making it happen? That I feel is buried deep and hasn't risen to the surface to be put into words yet.

I can make excuses because that's what it really would be – I know if I want something bad enough, I CAN make it happen. I've dabbled since 2013 with niche sites, blogs, etc. but not really found my place in all of, not really made any money that would make a difference…

You inspire me so much on a daily basis, I can't thank you enough for putting yourself out there and being 100% transparent and honest and sharing it with the world.

I'm leaving tomorrow for Hawaii, I hope to rest, reflect and make a decision before I return!

In response to Crystal's email, I was immediately inspired to create new video for my community. (See video below)

In that video, I expressed that Free The Dream was going to be the missing piece of the puzzle that would help her understand why it is that others have passed her by and why it is that she hasn't taken the actions to make her dream a reality.

I boldly proclaimed that, if she came to Free The Dream, she would be unleashed from all that has been holding her back and that she would make more progress toward her dream in the following year than she ever thought possible.

Immediately after watching this video, Crystal signed up for the Conference.

In this week's podcast episode, I share a conversation that I recently had with Crystal, nine months after she attended Free The Dream.

Listen to this episode and you will be inspired by all the amazing things that are a part of Crystal's life today that she said would have never happened had she not attended Free The Dream.

I hope you will listen and hear why she said that attending Free The Dream was the best decisions she's ever made.

Better than that, I hope that you'll stop hesitating and buy your own ticket to Free The Dream 2019 today. Look for Crystal and ask her to show you her actual product that she created!