617 – How To Get Results Sooner Rather Than Later

In this episode, I share the journey of how a recent client was created in spite of the fact that he told me that it was practically impossible for him to afford my paid mastermind group. More importantly, you'll get to hear the amazing results that he has achieved in only three weeks, results that he says would have taken him YEARS on his own.

The best part is that you almost get to EXPERIENCE the transformation of this relationship from its inception as a result of the unique format in which I share this story with you.

616 – Can I Afford Coaching At This Level?

In this episode, I share why I am contemplating an investment of $100,000 to hire my own business coach. At the moment I first considered this investment, there was NO WAY that I could currently afford it.

However, after thinking through why I “truly desired” coaching at this level and what was at risk if I didn't make this investment, I experienced a significant mindset shift that prompted me to get creative and led me to a whole new level of thinking.

If you listen to this episode, you'll begin to understand how I came to the conclusion that I could not afford to NOT invest in this coaching opportunity.