657 – The Power of Defining Problems In Solvable Terms

In this episode, I share a coaching conversation that I had via Clubhouse with Chika Bullock.

Chika has an inspirational story of how she moved from Japan to New York City 15 years ago and she shared with me her additional inspirational story of her recent journey towards becoming a certified life coach over the past two years.

She came to me requesting help to overcome her fear, frustration and overwhelm about all the things that stand between her and the completion of her coaching certification course at the end of this year.

While there are a number of valuable lessons that can be pulled out of this conversation, the main point that I would suggest that you pay attention to is the concept of understanding as much as is possible about what someone wants, what seems to be standing in the way of them getting what they want and then simply present that information back to them by “defining their problem in solvable terms.”

In less than forty minutes, I was able to recognize what Chika desired, what resources she already had available to her and then I was able to present a clear plan that helped her get everything she wanted in the simplest way possible. This is one of the many things that I love doing for folks through my one-on-one coaching.

Link to Chika's Instagram Bio

656 – Clubhouse Strategy & Thoughts On Eliminating Procrastination

In this episode, I share my current Clubhouse Strategy (See Full Blog Post Here).

I also share an example of the type of conversations that I am having in the Clubhouse Rooms that I facilitate on Clubhouse. In this conversation, I'm asked to share my thoughts on the topic of procrastination, why it happens and how to eliminate it.

When Can You Find Me On Clubhouse?

I've always been an “early adopter” to new technologies, especially those that allow for communication of ideas and social interaction and engagement around those ideas.

Every now and then, there is a new form of technology that stands out among all the noise out there and that has the power to radically shift the way that humans engage with one another in a powerful and positive way.

I believe that the Clubhouse App is one of the best forms of social media since the creation of “podcasting.”

Yes, admittedly, I am biased as someone who prefers to create and consume content in the “spoken word” format. However, even those who typically prefer to create video content (both pre-recorded and live streaming) are flocking to Clubhouse on a daily basis as well.

What Is Clubhouse?

One way to describe Clubhouse is as an audio only social media application that allows people from all over the world to have real-time conversations on any topic at any time.

Clubhouse, at times, serves like a conference where you can go into rooms and hear speakers teach on a wide variety of topics. I'm filling entire notebooks with valuable insights that I've discovered by being in rooms on Clubhouse.

Clubhouse rooms have, at times, been like the “hallway conversations” with people that you see at a conference, where you get to meet someone for the first time or to catch up on what's been happening since the last time you connected.

There are so many other fascinating and unique aspects of Clubhouse that will become obvious should you decide to engage on this platform.

If you desire a more thorough review and description of the platform, I'd highly recommend the following three articles that have been produced by my friend Michael Stelzner and this team at Social Media Examiner:

Why Clubhouse App Might Be the Next Major Social Media Platform

Clubhouse App: How to Get Started

How to Start a Clubhouse Room and Moderate Like a Pro


My Early Experience With Clubhouse

I'll never forget the date, December 16th, 2006. That was the day I published my very first podcast episode. Within a few months of publishing that first episode, I had made the decision to go “all in” on audio podcasting for getting my message out and serving others in the world in my own unique way.

That decision to go “all in” on audio podcasting turned out to be an incredibly powerful decision that radically altered the entire trajectory of my journey through life.

Similarly, I believe that I'll remember the date December 9th, 2020 which was the first day I had ever logged onto the Clubhouse App.

By the way, I am @CliffEOTC on Clubhouse

Within my first three months, I have already developed what I am assured will be life-long, meaningful, relationships with people from all over the world. Best of all, these are people who I had never heard of and who had never heard of me prior to using the Clubhouse App.

I'm talking about the type of relationships that you might recognize as “Divine Appointments,” as if these people are those whom I'm “supposed to meet” to carry out some next part of my mission on this planet.

These connections mean far more to me than the 10,000 new people who are “following me” on Clubhouse within my first three months. However, that is not diminish, in any way, the incredible honor that it is to have thousands of new individuals who are interested in the insights that I might want to share on this platform.

I've created a “Club” (think of this as being like a Facebook Group) for the Free The Dream Community on the Clubhouse platform. Hosting rooms on Clubhouse under the Free The Dream Community club, the Free The Dream Community already grown to well over 5,000 members in under three months.

The best part is that more than 80% of those who are now members of the Free The Dream Community had never heard the name Cliff Ravenscraft prior to Clubhouse.

In all my years of creating online content (I started blogging in 1996 before it was ever called blogging), I have never seen audience growth like this since the early days of audio podcasting.


When Can You Find Me On Clubhouse?

My strategy for Clubhouse shifts from time to time depending upon the season fo the year and what priority I decide to give to other major projects in my personal and professional life.

While the Clubhouse Application has a robust “notification system,” I find it to be lacking in many ways.

If you are genuinely interested in participating in some of the rooms that I host on Clubhouse, I'm using the “Telegram App” to send out my own, personalized and custom, notifications of when and where I can be found inside the Clubhouse App. Follow the following steps to get free access to the my “Cliff On Clubhouse” notifications.

1. Install the Telegram App and setup your free account.
2. Go to http://MindsetAnswerMan.com/notify
3. Click “view in app” and then Subscribe to the “Cliff on Clubhouse” channel.

Once subscribed, you'll receive all of the notifications that I personally create to announce what I'm up to on Clubhouse.

Hope to potentially connect with you there.



655 – He Desires That We Would All Be One

What would happen if you put a Muslim, a Sikh, two Woo Woo Christians and a non-religious, yet very Spiritual, person on a single stage in a room on Clubhouse?

I think the result may shock you more than the fact that I HOSTED JUST SUCH A ROOM on the Clubhouse Platform.

Listen to this full episode to find out what happened.

Special Thanks To My Guests:
Darshpreet Singh
Gayle Edwards
Loubna Zarrou
Kristina Crooks

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