Get The Right Podcasting Gear The First Time

Note: As of April 2018, I am no longer, direclty, selling podcast equipment. 

While I may start it up again in the future, if I decide to ever create a self-study version of my PodcastingAtoZ course, I do not have any current plans to do so.  

Why? I spent over a decade, personally training tens of thousands of people how to successfully launch an audio podcast.  In 2017, I made the decision to transition my personal brand significantly.  Instead of being known as “The Podcast Answer Man,” I wanted to have people know me as a “business mentor” and “life coach.” I encourage you to check out the types of products and services that I am offering these days on my “Work With Me Page.”

Since removing the “Buy Now” button on this page, I am recieveing frequent emails saying… “I was just ready to pull the trigger on the equipment package to upgrade my studio!  I hope it will be available again soon.  Will it?”  The answer to this question is that there are no current plans to get back into directly selling podcast equpiment.  However, I am going to offer two things to help.

First, I am going to provide direct links to where you can purchase each item that was included in my Podcast Answer Man Equipment Package.  Note: These are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you decide to purchase using the links that I provide below.  Also, I will provide both B&H and Amazon links.  While the pricing should be about the same from either supplier, I earn a significantly higher comission if you purchase through the B&H links.  However, please use whichever links may be most convenient to you. (Note: the pop filter that I used in this package is only avaialble through BSW.  I do not have any affiliate relationship with them and this pop filter is not available through B&H or Amazon, however there is a link below to where you can purchase the pop filter)

The Podcast Equipment Package Included the exact items listed below:

Second, I understand that one of the major benefits of buying the Podcast Answer Man Equipment Package through me was the fact that it come with my complete Step-By-Step Equipment Setup Tutorial, walking you through every step in the process of setting up your equipment using the exact items that were included in this package.  I am happy to let you know that you can, currently, get click here to purcahse this step-by-step tutorial seperately.

I hope that these links are helpful to those of you who have been saving up to upgrade to the exact gear that I use in my own studio.  I wish you amazing success in your own podcasting journey.  And if you are ready to take your message, your business and/or your life to the next level, I hope that we will have the opportunity to work together at some point in the future.