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It's been a year and a half since I originally released my Facebook 101 Video Tutorial Series. Back when I did it, I was still podcasting as a hobby and I didn't have any concern about the quality of the audio or video of those original episodes. However, in spite of the lack of quality, this tutorial series has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times by people who have been trying to figure out how to navigate through this social networking tool

I've decided that it was time to refresh the series. Episode one is the same as the old episode, basically asking people to give themselves a week before just giving up. Episode two is similar to one of the original episodes, explaining how to stop all those annoying Facebook emails. Episode three is brand new content, explaining how slowly put an end to all those annoying Facebook applications requests.

More refreshed episodes and new content will be coming soon. Of course you can subscribe to the podcast feed using the buttons below.

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Here's the first three videos:

Episode 1 – Give It One Week!

Episode 2 – Stop The Facebook Emails!

Episode 3 -Annoying Facebook Application Requests

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