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I must tell you, I've been a huge fan of the Mac v/s PC commercials. In fact, I've openly admitted that it is the brilliant marketing behind these ads that softened my heart toward the idea of owning my own Mac. So much so, that when I experience the frustrations of Microsoft Vista for the very first time, I tossed that desktop out of my house (Actually sold it to someone else) and went out and purchased my first Apple/Mac computer.

If you have not seen the Mac v/s PC commercials, you really should see them all!

Here is one of my favorites:

Several weeks ago, news came out that Microsoft was going to pour THREE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS into a Microsoft ad/marketing campaign. What was shocking about this story was that they announced that Bill Gates was to appear in the new ads and that they had hired Jerry Seinfeld to bring some talent to the campaign.

Here are their first two attempts at this campaign with Jerry:

Attempt 1:

Attempt 2:

It is no surprise that Microsoft said bye bye to Jerry! I must say, that regardless what hidden meaning may or may not be tucked into these commercials, it just seemed to be lost on the masses, including myself.

However, the latest advertisement coming from the Microsoft ad campaign is what we have all been waiting for. Something that deals DIRECTLY with the Mac v/s PC ad campaign. Let's face it, Microsoft had been beaten up and knocked out in the prime time boxing match known as commercials. To this day, when we are browsing past commercials and see a Mac v/s PC commercial come on, we always back it up to the beginning to watch.

The question in my mind was… “What does Microsoft have to say about what Apple says about them in the attack ads?” Finally, Microsoft answers this very question and I must say… I think they knocked one out of the park with this latest Microsoft ad.

Take a look for yourself:

Brilliant! I love it! I think I may go and watch this one again! Tell me what you think in the comments!

Me? I'm a Mac when it comes to doing anything with video or just on the go with my MacBook laptop. I'm a PC the other 70% of the time, especially when I'm producing audio podcasts!

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