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Let's admit it. Every now and then, you get a piece of technical equipment that just doesn't work the ways it's supposed to. When a manufacturer is making thousands of the same item on a daily basis, there's bound to be a bad apple in the bunch.

Since I've been selling audio equipment to podcasters from all over the United States, I've only had two items that ever needed to be replaced. Today was the second incident. The following comes from the Blog of one of my customers, Crystal Elerson from I really feel bad that she is experiencing any pain and inconvenience at all. However, at the same time, I'm so thankful for her kind words in the midst of it all.

Last Tuesday, I had a problem with my digital recorder right before my interview with Bernard Cooper. By Thursday, everything was working fine, and I had no problems interviewing Rick Moody. Today, I was set to interview Bernard Cooper again.

The mixer has this obnoxiously bright blue light on it that indicates it is receiving power. When the unit is plugged in, the light is always on providing a constant visual distraction. The unit, stupidly, has no On/Off switch. Today, as I was doing my prep work for the interview, I noticed that the obnoxiously bright light irritated me even more by not shining at all.

One loud female roar later…

I did what any former technical support person would do. I checked the surge protector. I switched power outlets. I unplugged and replugged in everything. I tried plugging the unit directly into the wall sans surge protector – two different wall sockets that both give power to other things. The only thing I didn't do was try a new power cable because, of course, the thing doesn't use a standard cable so I didn't have a spare. I then dragged Dear Husband into the room to see if I was missing some obvious piece of information that Males always seem to think everyone should know but Females don't have access to that Universal Guy Knowledge. Nope. He did everything I did and came to the same conclusion.

I then made the Call of Shame to Cooper to explain what happened. He laughed and generously told me he thought electronic equipment conspired against him anyway. Next time, I'm not telling my audio equipment who I'm calling… I'll file that away with such wisdom as Never Mention Surplus Money Near a Working Vehicle (fastest way to car problems I have ever seen) and Do Not Announce Intent to Mow Grass (instant rain if we're serious). Anyway, Bernard was lovely again, and I feel completely unprofessional for having to reschedule twice. I joked with him that I was enjoying our weekly chats. And I am – he has a voice I'd call to listen to at any time. Read me the phone book, and I'd just smile. I want my voice to sound that good but in a feminine way.

Next, I called the Behringer Technical Support Line to confirm my diagnosis: bad power supply or cable. They had me call the retailer I bought it from, who promptly called the company back to talk to his liaison there, and we're working this out through a 3-way email because this is the first time a power supply/cable has gone out and needed replacing for this retailer (a lovely man named Cliff Ravenscraft who runs several podcasts – I realized his webcam was on while I was talking to him, so I watched him immediately drop what he was doing to handle my issue – very cool.

I'm frustrated with the technical problems. However, I'm extremely satisfied with the support and service from both Behringer and Cliff Ravenscraft. If I'm going to have these issues, I'm glad to work with these people.

I'm so thankful for the understanding and patience of this client. It's client's like this that make me thankful every day that I'm doing what I love for a living!

Note: The blue light on the Behringer Xenyx 1002 mixer is very bright. I know at least one client that painted the little light with black fingernail polish.

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