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The POWER of the HEIL PR40 / PR-40 Microphone!

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Heil PR-40
In this episode, I've decided to show off one of my favorite pieces of equipment in my studio. My Heil PR40 microphone was recommended by Leo Leporte. I'm using this episode to show the MAJOR difference in the audio between cheap microphones as they compare to the Heil PR-40 sound.

Of course, I want you to know that one stream of income that I have going in my career as a podcast and new media consultant/coach is that I also sell audio equipment packages. The Heil PR-40 Full Package which includes the Heil Shock Mount, the Heil Boom Mic Arm and a custom popless filter is, by far, my most popular package.

If you are saving up money to improve the quality of your audio sound. Before you buy Compressors, Gates, Equalizers, etc, you should first purchase a professional microphone like the Heil-PR40 and it will increase the quality of your audio well above 95% of all the other podcasts out there.

You can purchase the the Heil PR-40 using the Add To Cart buttons below. Be sure to check out my other equipment packages on my official EQUIPMENT PAGE.

Heil PR-40 / PR40

Heil PR-40 Package as show above = $599 (Free Shipping)
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Heil PR-40 Package without the Heil Boom Mic Arm = $499 (Free Shipping)
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Heil PR-40 Broadcast Mic Only = $325 (Free Shipping)
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