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I'm a Google Apps user. On my Google Apps account, I have multiple Google Calendars. Currently, I use two. One for my personal scheduling. The other is a live show schedule that I also publish and share publicly.

I've been able to sync my multiple calendars to my iPhone for quite some time. However, this was not easily accomplished right out of the box with the iPad. However, thanks to my good friend, Stephen Cross, I was able to get all my calendars onto the iPad.

Before you watch the video, it is assumed that, as a Google Apps administrator, you have turned on the syncing functionality in the admins settings area of Google Apps. It is also assumed that you have already followed all of THESE INSTRUCTIONS in such a way that your default calendar is already syncing to your iPad. If this is the case, this video will show you how you can use Safari to sync all your Google Calendars from Google Apps to the iPad.

Update: Here's that URL mentioned in the video:

I know that this video isn't really Podcast & New Media related. However, I knew enough people were looking for a solution to this problem that it made sense to create this and put it online.

I'll be giving my full review of the iPad in episode 113 of Help I Got A Mac later this week.

By The Way… The above video plays right inside this website on the iPad! YouTube! You guys rock!

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