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Well, I can't believe it. My new iPhone 4 has arrived a day before the official release as the result of pre-ordering the phone and having it delivered to my home. I was expecting that I might have to wait until as late as 4:30pm on Thursday to get it it.

I've had the phone in my hands for the past few hours and I must say, it is a marked improvement over my iPhone 3G. Though, my wife has an iPhone 3GS and has had the new iOS4 software since Monday and I will say that she has nearly all the important improvements of the new OS without the need of upgrading to the new phone. First off, she already has the ability to multi-task (running Pandora while tweeting is her favorite new feature). She has the ability to organize her apps into folders. She has the ability to tap to focus in video, etc.

Unique to the new iPhone is the fact that it does have a front facing camera. It is nice to have a camera on front for making sure that I'm actually capturing myself in the video, though I don't like that it is not in wide screen format.

The rear facing camera is pretty nice. It is technically 720p, though my Kodak Zi8 certainly takes better video. Still nice to know that I will have this video camera in my pocket at all times. I imagine there will be a lot more YouTube videos coming out from me as the result of this!

Of course I'll be covering the new features in detail on our Help I Got A Mac podcast. Until then, I've actually created the following three YouTube videos to test the video features mentioned above.

Testing The Front Facing Video Camera

Testing The 720p Video Camera

Testing The Video Light

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