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When I left my career in insurance to pursue podcasting full-time, my decision was not fueled by how much money I could earn or how much popularity I could generate. I decided to devote my life to podcasting because I realized that this was the best opportunity for me to make a positive difference in the lives of other people around the world.

I hope this doesn't seem arrogant. However, I have a strong desire to live a life in such a way that after my time has passed, I want the world to be a better place because I was in it.

I believe that every podcaster has the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of others through their podcasting efforts. This will be the focus of my closing keynote address for the Podcast Movement conference.

Please watch the video below to see how you can help me take this message to the next level.

The Three Types of Stories I Am Looking For

1. Has your life been positively impacted because of a community environment created by a podcaster? This could be a live, in person meetup, an online forum, a facebook group, a live show chat room, etc. I'm looking for stories of people whose lives had been changed after meeting other people who shared their passions, who they would not have ever met had that community environment never been set up by the podcaster.

2. Do you have a story about how your life has been positively changed as the result of podcaster who took the time to interact with you personally, one-on-one? I'm looking for stories that emphasize the importance of genuinely caring about each individual listener rather than always being so focused on the number of people downloading their shows.

3. Do you have a story where your life has been positively changed as the result of a podcaster who authentically and transparently shared their own struggles, their own weaknesses, etc?

These are the types of stories that I am looking for. If you would be willing to share these stories in the comments section below, I would be honored to hear about them. I may share some of these stories in my Podcast Answer Man podcast and I will certainly consider incorporating some of these stories into my closing keynote.

Note: If you think your story will take up more than two paragraphs, I suggest writing it in a text editor where you can save your writing progress and then copy and paste it into the comment box below.

Thank you, in advance, for sharing your story!

Update July 29, 2014 10:36 AM: I had posted a link to this on Facebook and in response, Christina Canters asked “Apart from you, Cliff?” Below is how I responded…

Obviously, I'd be honored to hear stories of how I've personally helped people. I imagine that there are many that I am not aware of.

However, I'm looking for any stories related to any podcaster's podcasting efforts that has helped make someone's life better.

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