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Have you ever published a podcast episode where you made a simple little mistake that you really wanted to fix, but you didn't realize it until after half of your subscribers had already downloaded the episode? This has happened to me on several occasions.

In my current Podcasting A to Z session, one of my students submitted the following question…

When I listen to podcasts in the car (on an iPod), I pay a lot of attention to the visual indicators that tell me when I have a new episode. If I go back to an old episode, change something in the audio file and re-upload it (I use libsyn for hosting), will it show up as a new episode?

I ask because there are a few audio-quality things that I'd like to fix (my current obsession) but I don't want to confuse/annoy my listeners by making old episodes appear as new episodes.


I'ved decided to answer this question by creating a very brief video tutorial on how to easily replace an existing file on libsyn so that new people who download your episode will get the updated version of your episode, but those who already downloaded the old version will not be forced to download the episode a second time.

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