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I am so excited to announce that I have just purchased the CowboyStudio 2275 Watt Digital Video Softbox Lighting Kit. If you have seen any of my videos from the studio here, you have probably noticed that I have not had the best lighting setup.

I recently shared that I had just upgraded my sound for my videos quite significantly. I figured that I would go all the way and take my video productions to the next level with a decent entry level lighting kit.

Since the instructions for setting this system up are severely lacking, I spent the evening creating this video to show exactly how to set up this lighting kit, knowing that several of you will purchase it for yourself (Affiliate Link Here).

I had not really played around with light placement in this video as my main objective here was to get the light kit set up and to show you how it is all put together. However, you can still see a major improvement in the lighting when you compare the beginning to the end of this video. See photos below for comparison:

I am very satisfied with my CowboyStudio 2275 Watt Digital Video Softbox Lighting Kit.

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