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podcast-consultant I've been consulting for a few years now and I've helped several hundred podcasters improve the audio quality of their podcast by leaps and bounds. However, my podcast consulting has never been limited to audio equipment and production. I do a lot of consulting on personal branding and how to build community around what you do with all your new media efforts.

Here's something that I share often with my clients. I think it's extremely important to have a high level of audio quality. However, for 99% of your audience, the first impression of your show is not going to be the sound of your podcast, it's going to be the LOOK of your podcast. Let me explain.

There are many places people may find your podcast. Looking at my client's and my own Google Analytics, it is clear that the two main sources of traffic to a podcast are Google and iTunes. When people find your podcast in one of these two places, the first thing people are going to see is either your website or your iTunes listing page.

Just look at this sample from an iTunes search and notice how the image of the podcast, OR LACK THEREOF, jumps out at you when browsing the list of shows…

Out of the ten podcasts listed above, only four of them have, what I would consider to be, a decent podcast artwork graphic for their show (Podcast Answer Man, MBA Working Girl, NAPL Workflows, and Train For Top Dollar). Notice how CIO Talk Radio doesn't even have a logo, they just have the default iTunes image. I hesitate to point it out, but the “Fire Your Tech Guy in 15 minutes” podcast should have let the tech guy work another 30 minutes longer to produce a decent graphic for his podcast.

The point is this. I believe that your content is King! Though I don't think any King should go through live without a QUEEN for your podcast which is your AUDIO QUALITY! Extending your brand doesn't stop with compelling content that sounds great. You really should consider the LOOK of your website as well as the look of your artwork that displays in iTunes.

I'm constantly trying to “IMPROVE” the look of my brands. This is why I've hired my great friend, and a former sponsor of Podcast Answer Man podcast, Evan Agee, of Agee Design, to create a more professional looking logo for my Podcast Answer Man brand.

I sent him some ideas of what I was looking for and here's a few concepts that he sent my way.

I've already sent Evan some thoughts on how I'd like to combine elements of two of the above concepts to create a logo that I think will look great. I'm very excited about this because I have plenty of new things that I'm working on behind the scenes and I wanted to have this new logo for all these new products and branding initiatives that I'm working on.

Are you looking to extend your brand? Are you looking for ways to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your podcasting efforts? I'm available for one on one consulting. Simply email me at [email protected] or pick up the phone and call me at 859-757-1399.

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