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It has been a dream of mine to get to meet Leo Laporte of the TWiT Network for several years. In the Wikipedia article on GSPN, you'll read that it was Leo who first introduced me to the world of podcasting and who has been my greatest source of inspiration.

This dream was fulfilled on Sunday November 6th, 2011. I was blown away by the fact that Leo already knew who I was, that he had been following my story over the past several years, and even knew that my greatest passion has been to help people follow their dreams and to get their messages out through podcasting.

I felt like a little kid meeting a super hero. You can see that quite clearly in the following video.

I would have been happy with nothing more than the opportunity to get to meet Leo personally and to have him already know who I was. That alone would have been the single best thing that has happened here on my trip to the West Coast. However, this video is ONLY THE BEGINNING!

I encourage you to listen to episode 234 of Podcast Answer Man to here what all happened during my trip to BlogWorld LA and my visit with Leo Laporte.

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