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Many podcasters ask me how they can gain more engagement with their podcast audience. Specifically, they are interested in generating more voice mail feedback for their show.

I wanted to post a list of ideas that I believe will be helpful in generating more voice mail feedback for your show.  I am going to address each of these ideas with additional thoughts on each item listed below in Podcast Answer Man episode 197.

  • Some podcasters just read off their number and say that this is the feedback hotline and expect people to respond.  This generally will not be enough.
  • Remember that many people are extremely nervous about sounding stupid on your show. Do anything you can to ease their anxiety about calling in.
  • Try asking them questions for them to answer in their feedback.
  • Let people know what you are going to talk about in the next two episodes and give them the number for them to ask questions about those topics ahead of time.  Tell them you’ll answer them in the episode on that topic.
  • Send out emails to your audience asking them to call you in.  If you don’t have the mailing list, you really must get the Passive Income Strategies For Podcasters Product.
  • Spend more time building one on one relationships with your audience.
  • Provoke your audience to respond.
  • I’m not a fan of this method at all, but some people have found mild success in bribing their audience to respond by offering a free gft.
  • Prime the pump by asking some friends to call in a question or two.  Though this runs the risk of being inauthentic.

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