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Revolution Two WordPress ThemesIt is no secret that I love WordPress not only for blogging software, but for content management all together. Since the beginning, I've helped many of my podcast consulting clients set up some of the best looking and easily navigable podcast sites available.

While I am able to take an existing WordPress Theme and modify it to meet my client's needs, I must tell you that I can not take credit for the original designs that I've used. I've been an affiliate with Revolution Themes for quite some time. And as such, I've recommended several clients to use these great themes as the foundation for their online presence.

Effective this morning, my favorite themes are going Open Source with a brand new site named What this means is that these themes are now going to be made available for free to the public.

My first thought was how in the world was the team behind these awesome designs ever going to make a living and to continue to be able to provide support for those who use the themes? I learned that they are now offering either a one year or lifetime membership to full support on all their themes.

As a long time customer of theirs, I can tell you that their support for these forums are second to none! Personally, I know the cost of getting a decent web site designed. It would cost no less than $1,000 and likely much more to have a site that looks as good as these themes. For only $99 you get unlimited access to all the Revolution Two Themes and you get full support for 1 year. For only $149 you get a lifetime membership allowing you unlimited support and access to all themes.

I would like to point out that I'm available to help on a one on one basis in learning how to customize these themes to meet your needs. I charge $95 per hour for my services. So you can see how much of a good deal the theme support membership can be!

If you choose to use the Revolution Two themes and/or membership, I'd love it if you would be willing to come to and click on the banner that links to them in the sidebar so that I can get the affiliate commission on the referral.

Revolution Two WordPress Themes

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