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As a podcast consultant, one of my greatest rewards of my work is the fact that I get to interact with so many wonderful and uniquely different clients on a regular basis. I've worked with the former chief engineer of Corvette, many nationally syndicated television show hosts from pro fishermen to garden experts, traditional radio broadcasts hosts, book authors, dentists, chiropractors, and even priests and nuns.

Today, I want to highlight just one of my clients. Actually, it's two people who worked together to find an effective use of podcasting for their message. In the photo below, you can see both Sister Julie and Sister Maxine from (Note: Click On Image To Enlarge)

The reason why I want to highlight this client is because I'm very impressed at how quickly Sister Julie and Sister Maxine have moved forward in their journey in podcasting. Sister Julie contacted me several months ago to purchase audio equipment, as she had a desire to record some audio to release audio on her blog to compliment the written content she was already providing to a growing community. She and Sister Maxine took to podcasting like a fish to water. Not long after, she hired me to consult with her on the possibility of doing live broadcasts of her podcasts. Since then, she's been producing live audio content, releasing the recordings, afterward, in their rss feed, on a consistent basis.

As you can see above, these nuns have even gone so far as to take their podcasting to a live audience. I'm excited to see my clients really get involved in building a community around their content. Sister Julie and Sister Maxine have an amazing relationship with their audience.

Just this morning, I received another email from Sister Julie, asking about expanding their equipment further to allow for an expansion in the number of guests that they can have participate in their recordings with them. Not only that, but she's requesting some additional consulting time to help take the audio quality of her shows to the next level. Something I already have specific steps that she can take to make it sound more like a professional audio broadcast that would rival any FM radio talk show.

Click the play button above to hear the audio from the recording made when the photos above were taken. You'll notice that the recording made available in their podcasts are currently the audio recordings from TalkShoe, the service I set them up with for their live shows. The simply dial into the live conference call set up by TalkShoe using their JK Audio Broadcast Host to send all the audio from their microphones and mixer board to those on the live call.

I'm very proud of the progress Sister Julie and Sister Maxine have made. It just goes to show that more and more people are out there launchign new podcasts, an industry that is GROWING! It makes me wonder, if two catholic nuns are producing a regular podcast, and you're not, why? They picked it up pretty quickly! If you need help, don't suffer from paralysis by analysis any longer. Hire me today and I'll have you up and running with your own podcast in no time!

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