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Only those on my Podcast Answer Man Mailing List will be able to fully appreciate what the following video represents. About a week before I left for my trip to the West Coast, I had sent an email explaining that I was going to host two community meetups. One in Los Angeles and one in Petaluma California.

For the second meetup, I was planning to visit the TWiT Studios and to meet Leo Laporte. I had told those on my mailing list that it would be great if we could fill the live audience space for This Week In Tech on Sunday, November 6th with people from the community. I had joked about calling it the #OccupyTWiT Meetup.

Some folks had suggested that I consider abandoning the concept of #OccupyTWiT thinking that it might not be well accepted by the folks at TWiT and it could be cause for alarm with all that had been going as close as Oakland, CA. For this reason, I decided to simply call it the TWiT Meetup.

However, in the video below, one thing led to another and I ended up be a part of the TWiT Post Show and I was laughing so hard on the inside when the following just happened.

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