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I've been trying to make the switch over to the Mac platform for more and more of my computing needs. Up till now, for image editing, I've been using a free OEM version of Photo Impact 4.2 that came free with a flat bed scanner that I purchased many years ago. The program is quite limited, however I've learned how to do a few things that I need to do with it which makes moving to a new software package a bit difficult.

There were Times when I found it quite neccessary to do some basic image editing out and about right there on the Mac OS without having to load up my XP in Parallels. So I went ahead and shelled out $59 to pay for the full version of Pixelmator.

I've had this on my computer for several months but only just now started to search for some tutorial information on how to use the software. I have decided that with all these web design projects I've been taking on, I better start getting used to using a more feature rich image editing program. I know it's no Photo Shop, but there really does seem to be some great functionality to this Mac Only image editing application.

As I find items that help me, I'll post them here in the new Tech Tips section of the Podcast Answer Man site.

This video starts off in such a way that I could hardly understand what the person was saying at all. However, if you stick with it long enough, this is very valuable information on how to remove the a white or black background in Pixelmator.

Of course, I found some great links to some other Pixelmator information using this link!

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