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First off, If the first words of a message from a friend is “I promise this is not spam mail!” There is a 99.9999% chance that it IS INDEED spam. I get that some people just don't get technology and social media. But wow, this message is bad on so many levels that I immediately clicked through to this person's profile and “unfriended” them on Facebook.

Double Opt In
First off, I had never signed up for an email newsletter about this person's business offerings. Trust me, I'm ALL FOR promoting your business offerings through email! It's how I make a large portion of my income on a yearly basis!. However, the first rule of email marketing is DOUBLE OPT IN! This means rather than just “adding people” to your mailing list, you should ask them to “subscribe” to your mailing list, if they indeed desire to receive your business offerings. That's the first opt in.

The second opt in comes by using an email marketing service that will receive that subscription to your list and will send an email to that person asking them to click a link to confirm that they are requesting to be added to your list. This protects folks from being added to your mailing list by someone else.

The Never Ending Reply To All
I'm willing to assume that this person did not know that the ONLY OPTION for responding to his message would be “Reply All.” However, when you send a “message” to multiple people from Facebook messaging, this is exactly what happens. And guess what? The recipients have no way of removing themselves from that list and future responses from that group of people, originally included in the message.

I've been the recipient of a message sent to as little as 8 people that seemed to go one and on for days, filling up my inbox with arguments back and forth, with no way for me to get out of that endless loop of negativity. Take a look at this screen capture! This was sent to me an FOUR HUNDRED THIRTY SEVEN OTHER PEOPLE!

I won't even go into the “content” of the message itself. This here is a way to kill your business with social media!

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