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podcast acquisitionsSo a representative of a company recently sent me an email saying, “I would like to learn more about the acquisitions of GSPN podcasts.”

I wrote back and asked, “Do you have any documentation about what is involved in this program?”

He wrote back with a lengthy response, but it is summed up with the following statement… He wrote, “This being a new venture for us, I'm not sure how the acquisition of your podcasts will work. This is information I'm hoping you can help me with.”

I simply responded by saying… “I do not have time to help you develop a business model for you podcast acquisitions. I believe that you'll have an uphill battle with even the terminology of “acquisitions” and the independent podcast producers out there.

If you do develop a strategy and can clearly communicate what it is you are proposing, the requirements, conditions, and benefits of what you are looking to do, please do feel free to reach out to me in the future.”

Here's the deal, this guy was not reaching out to me as a podcast consultant/coach. He was not even aware of my Podcast Answer Man “brand.” He came to me through my GSPN site and the original request was that he wanted to talk to “whoever would be in charge of podcast acquisitions” for our network of shows.

If he were reaching out to me for consulting in this area, that would be one thing. But this was actually a sales call, where he was hoping to get my content onto his business' premium content site. However, when I wrote to him, he didn't even know if he wanted to purchase/own my content, if he wanted to simply have syndication rights to my content, etc.

A little tip: If you are going to come up with a product or service geared toward podcast producers, at lease do a little homework about the industry and have a good idea of what it is that you are looking to market.

Note: I originally posted this as a status update on my Facebook Account. If you are interested in seeing the comments there, please click here. Of course, I encourage you to comment below if you prefer. 🙂

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