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Hey folks, I was happy to get a chance to interview Rick Calvert who is the CEO and Co-Founder of BlogWorld & New Media Expo. The interview runs about 12 minutes and includes great information regarding how BlogWorld got started, how the Podcast & New Media Expo got rolled into BlogWorld, and why BlogWorld left Las Vegas.

Most important is the information related to the future focus on podcasting at BlogWorld. Have a look at this video and see the list of highlights I have posted below.

Topics that I thought were important enough to highlight:

00:00:10 Rick's response to my session.

00:00:33 How long ago did BlogWold get started?

00:00:53 Rick's prior expo experience

00:01:30 Was the show always in Vegas until this year?

00:01:35 New Media / Podcasting is important enough fir the big stage.

00:02:04 Now the conference is in NYC & LA each year. Why?

00:03:38 Is BlogWorld coming back to NYC again next year?

00:03:51 Does BlogWorld Expo get you full access to BookWorld Expo in NYC?

00:04:28 How did Podcast/New Media Expo get rolled into BlogWorld Expo?

00:06:40 I don't understand why more Podcasters aren't blogging, using YouTube, etc.

00:06:48 Why do you think Podcasters should come to BlogWorld LA?

00:07:16 There is a segment of the Podcast Community that feel like they are different from bloggers.

00:09:16 More sessions devoted to the “Art” of content creation coming to BlogWorld!

00:09:23 We are going to have a massive amount of content in LA For Podcasters.

00:09:36 We made a mistake by changing the name of the track to The Digital Broadcasting Track last year.

00:10:16 By all of us coming together, it raises the profile for all of us in New Media. It creates more opportunities for all of us.

00:10:34 Podcasters are welcome to Email Rick at [email protected], they can send Rick a message on Twitter using @BlogWorld, and they can even call him at 858-309-4747 ext. 102. Tell him what you want as a podcaster, and he will do it!

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