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Social Media Serenity
A Balanced Approach To Social Networking

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In this episode, Erik Fisher and myself, Cliff Ravenscraft, explain our reasoning for starting this podcast and share our thoughts on what we will be discussed moving forward.

Erik and I both share that our top social media sites/services that we use are Twitter and Facebook.

In the discussion, we discussed the Twitter Facebook Application and the Selective Twitter Status Application. Also, we made mention of and for the ability of posting your status updates to all the social networks

We also mentioned the use of Google Reader. In the discussion of what RSS feeds are, we referenced a video called RSS In Plain English.

Update 07/18/2009: Wayne Henderson sent me a Twitter message asking how to set up to work within Tweetie iPhone application. I actually used my wife's new iPhone 3GS to record this video tutorial on just how to do that.

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