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423 – Google Will Official Support Podcasting


It is official. Google is going to officially embrace the world of podcasting in a big way. Google recently announced the launch of their new Podcast Portal where podcast producers (initially only those from the United State) can submit their podcasts to the new Google Play Music Podcast Directory.

What is Google Play Music?
Google Play Music is a platform made of of several components. They have a free music streaming service, a paid music streaming service, a store where you can buy music, a locker service for you to store any .mp3 file you have in the cloud (Up to 50,000 .mp3 files for free!) and… coming soon… Podcasting.

Google Play Music is available across many platforms. It is available on Android. It is available on the Web. It is available on iOS. It is available on a number of other consumer electronic devices.

Once podcasts are fully integrated into Google Play Music, they too, will be available cross platform. Podcasts will be made available on their Android platform first and then rolled out to their iOS and web versions.

Google Play Music’s goal is to help curate audio content for people to serve them just the right thing for them to listen based upon what they are doing or what mood they are in. They plan to bring podcasts to these recommendations.

How will podcasting be integrated into Google Play Music?
Podcasts will be built right into the Google Play Music service. You will be able to search the directory for a specific podcast. You will be able to browse podcasts by category. I’ve heard that they support the same main categories as iTunes, but I’ve also heard that they will not have sub categories. Also, podcasts can be suggested using their audio recommendation engine.

How do podcasters get their podcasts into the Google Play Music Podcast Directory?
Google has created a “Podcast Portal.” At this time, to add a new podcast on the Google Play Music Podcast Portal, you need to be located in the United States. The podcast portal can be found at or

It’s a pretty simple process:
1. You click “Add A Podcast”
2. Accept the Terms of Service
3. Paste your rss feed url and click submit
4. You’ll verify ownership of the feed.
5. You’ll click “Publish” to their system for review.
6. Your feed will show up as “Pending Review.”
7. You’ll get an email notifying you when you are approved.
8. You can now add additional podcast feeds if you have more than one.

Your artwork must be at least 600×600. You can use your 1400×1400 or 2048×2048 if that is what you already are using for iTunes.

When will podcasts be available in Google Play Music?
Podcasts aren’t available to Google Play Music listeners yet, but you can add a podcast to the Google Play Music Podcast Portal now. By adding a podcast before they’re available for listeners, your podcast can be one of the first podcasts available on Google Play Music once podcasts are available to listeners in the coming months. If you add a podcast on the Google Play Music Podcast Portal before podcasts are available to listeners, it will be reviewed and processed for publishing.

At this time, even if your podcast is labeled as “Published” on the Google Play Music Podcast Portal, it isn’t available or visible to users. You’ll be notified before your podcast becomes available on Google Play Music.

Will Google Play Deliver our original file?
No. Google will pull one copy of your file from your rss feed and then cache it on their servers for reliability reasons. They will not be splicing the file and not adding ads into the content. However, THEY WILL RE-ENCODE THE FILE just like Stitcher does.

How will I get stats?
Your stats with Google Play Music will be displayed within the Google Play Music Podcast Portal. I think I heard that those stats will also be forwarded to Libsyn like Stitcher is now.

Special thanks to Rob Walch & Elsie Escobar for sharing this valuable information with the podcast community through their Libsyn Podcast.

Special Thanks to my Patreon Supporters
I am so incredibly thankful for those who have decided to show their support the podcast content that I produce by becoming a Patreon supporter. Your support helps me in my mission to create content designed to help others take their message, their business and their life to the next level.



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